Manor Township Genealogy (in Lancaster County, PA)

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Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages.

Manor Township Cemetery Records

Cemetery on Bleacher farm, former Stoner, previous Zimmer, near High, Pa., Manor Township Family History Library

Cemetery returning from Cresswell, Manor Township by the side of the road close to Manor camp grounds Family History Library

Frey Cemetery near Highville, Manor Twp., Lancaster Co., Pa Family History Library

George Mann Cemetery between Washington Borough and Central Family History Library

Herr Cemetery, Millersville and Washington Road Family History Library

Landis cemetery between Manor Township and Millersville Family History Library

Record of tombstones in graveyards of Habecker's Mennonite Church, Manor township : and Habecker's private graveyard on farm original Joseph Habecker plantation near Habecker's Church, Manor township, Lancaster Co., Pa. Family History Library

Manor Township Church Records

Gleanings from our past : Masonville, Mennonite Church Family History Library

Manor Township Histories and Genealogies

Millersville-Penn Manor community history Family History Library

Manor Township Map Records

Plan of Manor Township Family History Library