Mercer Genealogy (in Mercer County, PA)

USA (618,007) > Pennsylvania (45,584) > Mercer County (437) > Mercer (25)

Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages.

Mercer Census Records

Census 1800 US Gen Web Archives

Federal Census 1850 US Gen Web Archives

Mercer Church Records

Church records, 1851-1939 (United Methodist Church (Mercer, Pennsylvania)) Family History Library

Mercer Military Records

Mercer as its citizens remember it: 1800-1917 Family History Library

Mercer Newspapers and Obituaries

Allied News the Mercer Dispatch. (Mercer, Pa.) 1967-1968 Mercer County Historical Society

Democratic Register. (Mercer, Pa.) 1858-1860s Multiple Archives

Democratic Signal. (Mercer, Pa.) 1870-1871 Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg

Dispatch and Republican. (Mercer, Pa.) 1887-1896 Multiple Archives

Freeman. (Mercer, Pa.) 1852-1859 Mercer County Historical Society

Freemen's Monitor, Literary Gazette. (Mercer, Pa.) 1839-1846 Multiple Archives

Independent Democrat. (Mercer, Pa.) 1850-1840s Multiple Archives

Mercer County Dispatch. (Mercer [Pa.]) 1857-1864 Multiple Archives

Mercer County Whig. (Mercer [Pa.]) 1844-1864 Multiple Archives

Mercer Dispatch and Republican. (Mercer, Pa.) 1896-1944 Multiple Archives

Mercer Dispatch. (Mercer, Mercer County, Pa.) 1945-1967 Mercer County Historical Society

Mercer Dispatch. (Mercer, Pa.) 1865-1887 Multiple Archives

Mercer Gazette. (Mercer, Pa.) 1825-1827 Multiple Archives

Mercer Luminary. (Mercer, Pa.) 1830-1850 Multiple Archives

Mercer Republican. (Mercer, Pa.) 1882-1887 Mercer County Historical Society

Press. (Mercer, Pa.) 1865-1866 Mercer County Historical Society

Western Press, and Mercer County Gazette. (Mercer, Pa.) 1827-1829 Multiple Archives

Western Press. (Mercer, Pa.) 1811-1827 Multiple Archives

Western Press. (Mercer, Pa.) 1829-1865 Multiple Archives

Western Press. (Mercer, Pa.) 1866-1919 Multiple Archives

Whig and Dispatch. (Mercer, Pa.) 1864-1865 Multiple Archives