New Berlin Genealogy (in Union County, PA)

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Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages.

New Berlin Cemetery Records

Dry Run Cemetery Find a Grave

Mountain Chapel Cemetery Find a Grave

New Berlin Church Records

Church records, 1841-1881 [First Presbyterian] Family History Library

Church records, 1886-1957 [New Berlin Lutheran] Family History Library

Pastor's records, 1878-1918 Family History Library

New Berlin Newspapers and Obituaries

American Flag. (New Berlin, Pa.) 1854-1857 Bucknell University

Anti-Masonic Star. (New-Berlin, Pa.) 1835-1838 Northumberland County Historical Society

Evangelical Messenger [Microform]. (New Berlin, Pa.) 1848-1946 Lamar University

Evangelical Messenger. (New Berlin, Pa.) 1848-1946 Multiple Archives

Family Presbyterian, and Good Samaritan. (New Berlin, Pa.) 1851-1855 Bucknell University

Good Samaritan. (New-Berlin, Pa.) 1846-1851 Bucknell University

Telegraph, and Anti-Masonic Reporter. (New Berlin, Pa.) 1829-1830 Pennsylvania Bureau of State Library

Unabhangiger Correspondent. (New-Berlin, Pa.) 1824-1831 Multiple Archives

Union Analist. (New Berlin, Pa.) 1833-1835 Multiple Archives

Union Anti-Masonic Telegraph. (New Berlin, Pa.) 1830-1832 Pennsylvania Bureau of State Library

Union Hickory. (New Berlin, Pa.) 1829-1830 Multiple Archives

Union Star. (New-Berlin, Pa.) 1838-1851 Multiple Archives

Union Telegraph. (New-Berlin, Pa.) 1827-1829 Multiple Archives

Union Times and Republican Herald. (New-Berlin, Pa.) 1831-1834 Multiple Archives

Union Times. (New-Berlin [Pa.]) 1822-1831 Multiple Archives

Union Times. (New-Berlin, Pa.) 1835-1855 Multiple Archives