Waterford Genealogy (in Erie County, PA)

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Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages.

Waterford Cemetery Records

Bonnell Cemetery Billion Graves

Burials in Waterford Cemetery : Waterford, Erie County, PA Family History Library

Clarkson Family Cemetery Find a Grave

French Forts in Pennsylvania; baptisms and burials, 1753-1756 Family History Library

Green Mountain Cemetery Find a Grave

Oak Hill Cemetery Find a Grave

Valley Cemetery (Waterford Township) Find a Grave

Washington Valley Cemetery Find a Grave

Weed School Burial Plot Find a Grave

Waterford Church Records

Church records, 1826-1834, of Middlebrook, Beaverdam and Union (Presbyterian Church (Union Township, Erie County, Pennsylvania)) Family History Library

French Forts in Pennsylvania; baptisms and burials, 1753-1756 Family History Library

French forts in Pennsylvania : baptisms and burials, 1753-1756 Office of Commonwealth Libraries

Parish registers, 1753-1756 (transcribed excerpts) (Catholic Church. L'Assomption de la Ste.-Vierge (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)) Family History Library

Waterford City Directories

Erie County (Pennsylvania) directories Family History Library

Waterford Histories and Genealogies

A History of the Region of Pennsylvania North of the Ohio and West of the Allegheny River Ancestry

Waterford Land Records

Patents issued for in-lots and out-lots at the towns of Beaver, Erie, Franklin, Warren, and Waterford, 1796-1919 Family History Library

Waterford Newspapers and Obituaries

People's Museum. (Waterford, Pa.) 1856-1857 Pennsylvania Newspaper Project

Waterford Enquirer. (Waterford, Erie Co., Pa.) 1840s-1859 Office of Commonwealth Library Bureau of State

Waterford Enterprise. (Waterford, Erie Co., Pa.) 1874-1870s Multiple Archives

Waterford Leader. (Waterford, Pa.) 1879-1970 Multiple Archives

Young's Waterford Dispatch. (Waterford, Erie Co., Pa.) 1852-1856 Multiple Archives