Carthage Genealogy (in Smith County, TN)

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Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages.

Carthage Cemetery Records

Carthage Cemetery Find a Grave

Draper Cemetery US Gen Web Archives

Smith Cemetery US Gen Web Archives

Smith County Memorial Gardens Find a Grave

Carthage Newspapers and Obituaries

Carthage Courier. (Carthage, Tenn.) 1913-Current Multiple Archives

Carthage Gazette 8/13/1808 - 7/1/1817 Genealogy Bank

Carthage Gazette and Friend of the People. (Carthage, Tenn.) 1808-1810 Multiple Archives

Carthage Gazette. (Carthage, Smith County, Tenn.) 1810-1824 Multiple Archives

Carthage Times. (Carthage, Tenn.) 1890s-1900 Multiple Archives

Carthage courier 1913-1960 Family History Library

Carthage gazette 1810-1824 Family History Library

Carthage mirror 1846 Family History Library

Carthage record 1895-1896 Family History Library

Carthage times 1900 Family History Library

Carthage, Smith County, Tennessee newspapers 1809-1921 Family History Library

Carthage-Smith County, TN newspapers Tennessee State Library and Archives

Farmer's advocate 1832-1833 Family History Library

Gazette-Times. (Carthage, Tenn.) 1979-1980s Tennessee State Library and Archives

Record-Democrat. (Carthage, Smith County, Tenn.) 1893-1894 Multiple Archives

Record. (Carthage, Tenn.) 1885-1893 Multiple Archives

Record. (Carthage, Tenn.) 1894-1890s Multiple Archives

Republican. (Carthage, Tenn.) 1842-1845 Multiple Archives

Smith County Democrat. (Carthage, Tenn.) 1892-1893 Tennessee State Library and Archives

Smith County Democrat. (Carthage, Tenn.) 1909-1913 Multiple Archives

Smith County Record. (Carthage, Tenn.) 1883-1885 Multiple Archives

Smith County democrat 1909-1918 Family History Library

Smith County news 1907-1911 Family History Library

Smith County record : supplement 1884 Family History Library

Tennessee Republican (Carthage, Tennessee) 1824-1825 Family History Library

Tennessee Republican. (Carthage, Tenn.) 1824-1825 Multiple Archives

The Carthage post 1901-1906 Family History Library

The Herald (Carthage, Tennessee) 1836 Family History Library

The Times (Carthage, Tennessee) 1894-1900 Family History Library

Western Express 11/21/1808 - 11/21/1808 Genealogy Bank

Western Express. (Carthage, Tenn.) 1808-1809 Multiple Archives

Western express 1808 Family History Library