Friendsville Genealogy (in Blount County, TN)

USA (880,998) > Tennessee (32,285) > Blount County (477) > Friendsville (10)

Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages.

Friendsville Cemetery Records

Big Spring Presbyterian Church Cemetery Find a Grave

Cloyd's Creek Presybeterian Cemetery US Gen Web Archives

Friends Meeting House and Cemetery Find a Grave

Hardin Cemetery Find a Grave

Laurel Bank Baptist Church Cemetery Find a Grave

Marble Hill Cemetery Find a Grave

Union Grove Cemetery Find a Grave

Friendsville Church Records

Men's minutes, Newberry, also Newbury, monthly meeting : fifth month, 1808 to eighth month, 1848 Family History Library

Minutes, Newberry monthly meeting of Women Friends : third month, 1st, 1856 to twelfth month, 6th 1873 Family History Library

Newberry Monthly Meeting : sixth month, 3rd, 1871 to seventh month, 4th, 1874, men's minutes (Society of Friends. Friendsville Monthly Meeting (Friendsville, Tennessee)) Family History Library

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