Linden Genealogy (in Perry County, TN)

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Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages.

Linden Cemetery Records

Brush Creek Cemetery Find a Grave

Chestnut Grove Cemetery Find a Grave

Choat Cemetery Find a Grave

Craig Cemetery Find a Grave

Craig-Berry Find a Grave

Culp's Chapel Find a Grave

Dickson-Blackburn Cemetery Find a Grave

Graves Cemetery Find a Grave

Harder Cemetery at Rockhouse Creek Find a Grave

Ledbetter Cemetery Find a Grave

McDonald Funeral Home, Linden, Tennessee (Perry Co., Tennessee) WorldCat

Qualls Cemetery Find a Grave

Taylor Cemetery Find a Grave

Turnbow Copeland Cemetery Find a Grave

Webb Cemetery Find a Grave

Wilburn Cemetery Find a Grave

Linden Death Records

McDonald Funeral Home, Linden, Tennessee & Lobelville, Tennessee, Perry County, Tennessee Family History Library

McDonald Funeral Home, Linden, Tennessee (Perry Co., Tennessee) WorldCat

Linden Newspapers and Obituaries

Buffalo River Review. (Linden, Tenn.) 1976-Current US Newspaper Directory

Linden Mail. (Linden, Tenn.) 1890s-1910s US Newspaper Directory

Linden Times. (Linden, Tenn.) 1880-1883 US Newspaper Directory

Linden times (Tennessee) 1880 Family History Library

Perry Countian. (Linden, Tenn.) 1924-1978 US Newspaper Directory

Perry County News. (Linden, Tenn.) 1913-1910s US Newspaper Directory

Perry County news (Linden, Tennessee) 1913-1914 Family History Library

The Linden mail (Tennessee) 1908 Family History Library

The New age (Linden, Tennessee) 1921 Family History Library

The Perry Countian (Linden, Tennessee) 1924-1960 Family History Library

Linden School Records

Linden High School yearbook, 1958 Classmates

Perry County High School yearbook, 1976 (included in US Yearbooks collection) MyHeritage