Sumner County TN Court Records

USA (1,373,456) > Tennessee (45,674) > Sumner County (758) > Sumner County Court Records (14)

USA (1,373,456) > Tennessee (45,674) > Tennessee Court Records (713) > Sumner County Court Records (14)

NOTE: Additional records that apply to Sumner County are also on the Tennessee Court Records page.

Sumner County Court Records

County Court minutes, 1787-1805, Sumner County, Tennessee FamilySearch Library

Enrolling dockets, 1826-1874; and minute books, 1840-1966 FamilySearch Library

Minute books, 1810-1964 FamilySearch Library

Minutes and insanity records, 1933-1938; 1947-1966 FamilySearch Library

Minutes of the Superior Court of North Carolina including Mero District FamilySearch Library

Minutes, 1805-1967 FamilySearch Library

Minutes, 1867-1892 FamilySearch Library

Quarterly Court minutes, 1926-1967 FamilySearch Library

Revenue Docket settlements, 1828-1859, 1927-1963 FamilySearch Library

Sumner County All Name Index Administrator and Execution Settlements 1821-1822 Sumner County Archives online

Sumner County All Name Index Lawsuits Loose Records Sumner County Archives online

Sumner County, Tennessee, bond book, 1787-1835 FamilySearch Library

Sumner County, Tennessee, court minutes : 1787-1805 and 1808-1810 FamilySearch Library

Gallatin Court Records

Sumner County records, Gallatin, Tennessee, Circuit Court minutes, Oct. 1810- Oct. 1815, Tenn. Archive Grid

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