1940 U.S. Federal Census of Ingleside, San Patricio, Texas

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USA > Texas > San Patricio County > 1940 Census of Ingleside

A Surnames B Surnames E Surnames I Surnames J Surnames L Surnames M Surnames N Surnames O Surnames P Surnames R Surnames V Surnames W Surnames

A Surnames

ApplewhiteBettie Joyceborn about 1928
ApplewhiteRussel Mborn about 1902
ApplewhiteSudie born about 1907

B Surnames

BellJodie Mborn about 1896
BellMary Eborn about 1902
BellNancy Joborn about 1929
BoydJames born about 1915

E Surnames

ElliottCarol Annborn about 1939
ElliottElaine Vborn about 1920
ElliottRobert Mborn about 1915

I Surnames

IvesJaunita Aborn about 1921
IvesNorma Rborn about 1927
IvesRay Cborn about 1890
IvesRay C Jrborn about 1931

J Surnames

JonesWillad born about 1915

L Surnames

LindseyErnest Tborn about 1916
LindseyHelen Hborn about 1915

M Surnames

MeitzenBetty Kayborn about 1936
MeitzenJo Annborn about 1934
MeitzenPearl born about 1918
MeitzenWalter Fborn about 1913
MeitzenWalter Niiiborn about 1939
MurgatroydDonald Lborn about 1934
MurgatroydEddie Rborn about 1930
MurgatroydOpal born about 1921
MurgatroydWilliam born about 1908
MurgatroydWilliam Fborn about 1939

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N Surnames

NolteAltie Leeborn about 1900
NolteRoy Cborn about 1891
NolteRoy C Jrborn about 1924

O Surnames

OvertonLouise born about 1905

P Surnames

PullinGarlon born about 1914

R Surnames

RogerCharles Dborn about 1886
RuckerMary Lborn about 1856

V Surnames

VowellCarolyn Annborn about 1938
VowellClyde born about 1913
VowellOnita born about 1915

W Surnames

WootenAlbert Fborn about 1925
WootenAlonzo Fborn about 1896
WootenWinnie Eborn about 1896

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