1940 U.S. Federal Census of Brunswick, Essex, Vermont

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USA > Vermont > Essex County > 1940 Census of Brunswick

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A Surnames

AndersonAndrew born about 1885

B Surnames

BakerRichard Gborn about 1918
BeattieAlia Mborn about 1859
BeattieRoy Frenchborn about 1888
BeaulieuArthur born about 1886
BeaulieuDonald born about 1899
BeaulieuRoland born about 1918
BeaulieuRomeo born about 1897
BroomeNina born about 1922

C Surnames

CarrMargaret born about 1881
ChaseRobert born about 1918
ConnJames born about 1859

D Surnames

DamonAndrew born about 1855
DiasJoseph born about 1919
DubeRaymond born about 1932
DunnAnthony born about 1879
DunnJoseph born about 1883

F Surnames

FolgerHerbert born about 1923

G Surnames

GierlatowiczVictor Jborn about 1919
GoodrichGeorge Pborn about 1915
GrahamAudrey born about 1920
GrahamGladys born about 1899
GrahamHarry born about 1888
GrahamJanice born about 1932
GrahamJr Harry born about 1925
GrahamLawrence born about 1927
GrahamNatalie born about 1923
GrahamPercy born about 1936
GrahamRobert born about 1921

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H Surnames

HartungEdmund Lborn about 1914
HelieAline born about 1918
HelieEdmond born about 1909
HelieLena born about 1939
HelieRaymond born about 1937
HomerFrancis Aborn about 1914

J Surnames

JohnsonEinar born about 1885

K Surnames

KelleyPaul Jborn about 1921
KlommanPhilip Bborn about 1919

L Surnames

LadooDennis born about 1880
LandersHenry Lborn about 1886
LebanvilleCorinne born about 1935
LebanvilleEdgar Aborn about 1897
LebanvilleMabel born about 1899
LebanvilleShirley Aborn about 1934
LeblaneEdgar Jborn about 1912

M Surnames

MasonCharles born about 1870
MasonGeorgina born about 1895
MasonGrant born about 1928
McVettyRufus Hborn about 1909
MillsBlanche born about 1887
MillsDeane born about 1926
MillsJohn Lborn about 1886
MillsMarjorie born about 1922
MonahanPatrick born about 1885

O Surnames

OdowdGeorge Eborn about 1898
OdowdHelen born about 1940
OdowdJames born about 1929
OdowdTeresa born about 1900

P Surnames

PatnaudeEva born about 1921
PatnaudeWilliam born about 1919
PierceAlbert Jborn about 1921
PotvinAime born about 1925
PotvinClaude Cborn about 1900
PotvinClement born about 1926
PotvinEva born about 1901
PotvinMadeline born about 1934
PotvinMargaret born about 1928

R Surnames

RobertsRichard Bborn about 1917
RosaAntone Pborn about 1919
RosebrookWilliam born about 1912

T Surnames

TaylorAnnie Rborn about 1884
TaylorCharlie born about 1893
TaylorFlorence born about 1893
TaylorPearl born about 1926
TaylorR Watsonborn about 1881
TaylorRichard Wborn about 1923
TaylorWill born about 1842
TaylorWinifred born about 1868
TinaFarley born about 1921

V Surnames

VaughanJohn Cborn about 1908

W Surnames

WebsterHorace born about 1897
WebsterSherley born about 1938
WebsterViolet born about 1901
WedgeTheodore born about 1918
WhiteClaude Fborn about 1913

Y Surnames

YoungJoseph Sborn about 1878

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