1940 U.S. Federal Census of Dover, Windham, Vermont

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USA > Vermont > Windham County > 1940 Census of Dover

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B Surnames

BartlettCaroline born about 1935
BartlettGertrude born about 1914
BartlettHalbert born about 1910
BartlettHoward born about 1931
BartlettIrene born about 1933
BartlettJulia born about 1937
BartlettMarcy born about 1896
BoydCatherine born about 1922
BoydGeorge born about 1880
BrownBeverly born about 1938
BrownEna born about 1935
BrownErwin born about 1911
BrownErwin Jr born about 1932
BrownEvelyn born about 1936
BrownGeneva born about 1915
BrownWallace born about 1934
ButterfieldBenjamin born about 1903

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C Surnames

CopelandLaurence born about 1878

D Surnames

DanisAlta Mborn about 1871
DanisDorothy born about 1926
DanisJohn Aborn about 1870

E Surnames

EystonClyde Cborn about 1897
EystonHelen born about 1899

F Surnames

FessendenHelen born about 1915
FitchAdilla Hborn about 1865
FitchDon born about 1876
FitzpatrickArchie born about 1910
FitzpatrickIrene born about 1914
FitzpatrickWillard born about 1936
FitzpatrickWilliam born about 1935

G Surnames

GillsonLila Mborn about 1898
GillsonMartin Jborn about 1880
GrawEarl born about 1896
GrawLillian Mborn about 1898
GrawPriscilla born about 1933
GrayGertrude born about 1884
GrayRussell born about 1885

H Surnames

HarrisDale Pborn about 1909
HarrisImogene born about 1880
HarrisWilliam Mborn about 1874
HelkowskiEdward born about 1908
HelkowskiEleanor born about 1911
HelkowskiMargaret born about 1916
HelkowskiSylvia born about 1934
HelkowskiTheodore born about 1913
HelkowskiTheodore Jr born about 1938
HescockBerton Mborn about 1887
HollandDorothy born about 1917
HollandEdith born about 1901
HollandRichard born about 1929
HollandRuth born about 1926
HollandThomas Jborn about 1895
HollandWilliam Aborn about 1911
HoughtonElmer Rborn about 1882
HowardHazel born about 1895
HowardL Oscarborn about 1891
HoweMarion Eborn about 1874
HoweRone Sborn about 1867
HoweWesley Dborn about 1870

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J Surnames

JonesKenneth born about 1898
JonesPauline born about 1921
JonesRuby Hborn about 1898
JonesWesley born about 1931

L Surnames

LinnElizabeth Cborn about 1919
LymanIdella born about 1868

M Surnames

MaryCharlie Hborn about 1874
MaryJennie Oborn about 1875
MoultonEdward born about 1870
MundellLeone born about 1903
MundellMerrill born about 1910
MundellMerrill Jr born about 1940

P Surnames

PeaseHomer born about 1888
PeaseMerrill born about 1921
PeaseWarren born about 1850

R Surnames

RobertsAlice Aborn about 1860

S Surnames

SargentLester Jborn about 1889
ShermanWinifred born about 1871
SimburgAgnes born about 1912
SimburgAxel born about 1878
SimburgIda born about 1880
SimmonsBarbara born about 1890
SnowAgnes born about 1897
SnowAlice Ireneborn about 1917
SnowBlanche born about 1894
SnowFreeda born about 1933
SnowHolland born about 1923
SnowLaton Gborn about 1877
SnowLawrence born about 1877
SnowLewis born about 1920
SnowRalph born about 1927
SnowRuben Eborn about 1895
SnowWeston born about 1895
SylvesterElizabeth born about 1887
SylvesterGeorge born about 1887

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T Surnames

TernerClark born about 1862
TrevorrowImmanuel born about 1914
TrevorrowJessie born about 1914
TrevorrowPatricia Infantborn about

U Surnames

UptonClaude born about 1891
UptonMartha born about 1893

W Surnames

WarnerAdella born about 1890
WarnerErnest born about 1891
WatsonAlice Cborn about 1910
WatsonDorothy born about 1933
WatsonJames Eborn about 1931
WatsonJohn Hborn about 1936
WatsonLouis Eborn about 1900
WatsonRobert Lborn about 1934
WilderGlaydis Jborn about 1935

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