1940 U.S. Federal Census of East Haven, Essex, Vermont

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USA > Vermont > Essex County > 1940 Census of East Haven

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A Surnames

AmidonBert Aborn about 1874
AmidonEmma Mborn about 1861
AustinBernice Lborn about 1924
AustinElla Zborn about 1912
AustinGertrude Bborn about 1919
AustinGoldie Vborn about 1900
AustinLeon Eborn about 1910
AustinPerley Eborn about 1918
AustinPrueman Eborn about 1923

B Surnames

BruceBertha Eborn about 1878
BruceGuy Lborn about 1872

C Surnames

CassEvelyn Lborn about 1908
CassLewis Vborn about 1907
ColeElden Hborn about 1864
ColeElmer Eborn about 1865

D Surnames

DaigneauArthur born about 1912
DaigneauMary born about 1913

G Surnames

GeroDorothy Eborn about 1932
GeroEleanor Eborn about 1909
GeroElroy Aborn about 1909
GeroKenneth Wborn about 1934
GeroLucille Eborn about 1938
GeroMarguerite Eborn about 1931
GeroRoy Aborn about 1939

H Surnames

HartwellAlthea Mborn about 1924
HartwellDuane Nborn about 1936
HartwellGeorge Iborn about 1860
HartwellGlenn Hborn about 1916
HartwellHelen Jborn about 1902
HartwellJoanne Lborn about 1938
HartwellNorman Wborn about 1913
HartwellPercy Pborn about 1892
HartwellPhilemon Pborn about 1889
HeathBernice born about 1886
HeathRalph Lborn about 1890
HudsonAlwyn Wborn about 1909
HudsonCora Bborn about 1875
HudsonForest born about 1914
HudsonHelen Mborn about 1918
HudsonRuth born about 1917
HuntDavid Hborn about 1940
HuntFloyd Hborn about 1914
HuntVirginia Lborn about 1921

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K Surnames

KingBeatrice Eborn about 1906
KingCharles Oborn about 1876
KingErnest Wborn about 1927
KingHenry Hborn about 1936
KingThelma Mborn about 1926
KingTheodor Aborn about 1929

L Surnames

LebayEsther Mborn about 1939
LebayGertrude Bborn about 1896
LebayMary Iborn about 1937
LebayRobert Jborn about 1889
LittleBerkeley born about 1931
LovejoyClayton Hborn about 1910
LundAmosa born about 1864
LundHarris Iborn about 1876
LundMaud Iborn about 1884

M Surnames

MartinJohn Pborn about 1895
MoultroupGertrude Mborn about 1878

N Surnames

NewtonMyrtle Eborn about 1926

P Surnames

ParisDelia born about 1873
ParisElmore born about 1924
ParisRobert Pborn about 1871
ParkLincoln Sborn about 1890

R Surnames

RoundyBertha Mborn about 1885
RoundyCarolyn Bborn about 1921

S Surnames

SimpsonFrank Gborn about 1918
SimpsonMyrtie Gborn about 1915
SimpsonReginald Wborn about 1940
SimpsonRobert Fborn about 1939
SimpsonRose Mborn about 1937
SmithCarlysle Lborn about 1926
SmithElaine Eborn about 1930
SmithHarry Cborn about 1901
SmithLelia Eborn about 1900
SmithNessa Mborn about 1933
SmithRamona Iborn about 1932
SmithReginald Cborn about 1928

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W Surnames

WalterAlbert Hborn about 1922
WalterElmer Nborn about 1879
WalterGertrude Eborn about 1886
WalterJohn Iborn about 1856
WashburnFlorence Mborn about 1887
WashburnLeslie Jborn about 1887
WoodRalph Rborn about
WoodRoy Oborn about 1894
WoodViolet born about 1902
WoodwardMarie Eborn about 1929
WoodwardRalph Aborn about 1927
WoodwardWinnifred Pborn about 1925

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Y Surnames

YoungRuth Aborn about 1889

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