1940 U.S. Federal Census of Maidstone, Essex, Vermont

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USA > Vermont > Essex County > 1940 Census of Maidstone

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A Surnames

AlexanderOlive Cborn about 1905
AllenGaylord born about 1919
AllenHoward Jborn about 1920
AllenSherdie Wborn about 1916
AllenWesley Wborn about 1879
AllenWilliam Eborn about 1917

B Surnames

BeattieCarlene born about 1928
BeattieEva Mborn about 1891
BeattieIrving Rborn about 1888
BeattieIsabell Eborn about 1926
BeattieJohn Aborn about 1892
BeattieLeonard Fborn about 1921
BeattieMildred Bborn about 1900
BeattieNatalie Hborn about 1923
BelosFelix born about 1890
BennettBernice Aborn about 1926
BennettCurtis Rborn about 1898
BennettFerne Iborn about 1930
BennettMerle Eborn about 1906
BennettWillard born about 1927
BoothAddie Mborn about 1891
BoothAlonzo Mborn about 1883
BoothDele born about 1930
BoothHelen Mborn about 1916
BoothMary Jborn about 1928
BoothRobert Mborn about 1922

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C Surnames

CathcartLevy Cborn about 1906
CoretAndrew born about 1886
CurrierAlfred born about 1865
CurrierEthel Hborn about 1923
CurrierKathleen Jborn about 1895
CurrierLeona Bborn about 1906
CurrierNathan Bborn about 1897
CurrierReginald Hborn about 1923
CurtisFrank Aborn about 1867
CurtisMina Bborn about 1871

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D Surnames

DrewAlbert Mborn about 1873
DrewBernice Mborn about 1879

E Surnames

EastmanJacob born about 1871

F Surnames

FerrierElsie Mborn about 1918
FerrierManuel born about 1915
FordBenjamin Sborn about 1874
FordLinwood Fborn about 1911

H Surnames

HayesAlston Bborn about 1921
HayesGarney Iborn about 1918
HayesMabel born about 1894
HayesWilliam Hborn about 1871

J Surnames

JewelGranville Dborn about 1922
JonesGeorge born about 1888

K Surnames

KingLeon born about 1885
KnightHarold Eborn about 1909
KnightMarion Eborn about 1907

M Surnames

MardenAva Mborn about 1935
MardenHarold Lborn about 1939
MardenJon Cborn about 1937
MardenVelma Aborn about 1915
MargesAnnie born about 1939
MargesJohn born about 1890
MargesMadeline born about 1912
MargesRaymond born about 1938
McDadeGilbert Hborn about 1866
McDadeNeal Hborn about 1910
McLainMargaret Jborn about 1926
McLainOtto Cborn about 1888
McLainRosamond Jborn about 1906
McVettyAlfred Aborn about 1870
McVettyErwin Mborn about 1902
McVettyLora Mborn about 1906
McVettyLucy Mborn about 1877
McVettyMiland Aborn about 1929
McVettyRichard Eborn about 1936

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N Surnames

NichalchukFred born about 1876

P Surnames

PatnaudeJoseph Fborn about 1920
PelkeyBarbara Jborn about 1928
PelkeyJ Eugeneborn about 1933
PelkeyJames Rborn about 1929
PelkeyJulius Eborn about 1900
PelkeyMarie Lborn about 1927
PelkeyMary Eborn about 1906
PierceLester Cborn about 1918

R Surnames

RichFranlin Eborn about 1906

S Surnames

SanbornClinton born about 1899
SanbornDorothy Mborn about 1921
SanbornEvelyn Lborn about 1924
SanbornLawrence Cborn about 1922
SanbornLena Mborn about 1899
SanbornRodney Dborn about 1926
SkuteOthe Wborn about 1920

T Surnames

TapleyMildred born about 1920
ThomasDorothy Lborn about 1939
ThomasFlorence Eborn about 1937
ThomasLa Vern born about 1914
ThomasNellie Mborn about 1916

V Surnames

VancoreEthel born about 1933
VancoreWilliam born about 1931

Y Surnames

YoungEverett born about 1902

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