1940 U.S. Federal Census of Peru, Bennington, Vermont

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USA > Vermont > Bennington County > 1940 Census of Peru

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A Surnames

AmsdenAlton born about 1907

B Surnames

BatchelderChristene Bborn about 1934
BatchelderHoward born about 1928
BeattieEvelyn Hborn about 1915
BellJames Wborn about 1871
BrownAsa born about 1856
BrownMary Aborn about 1862

C Surnames

CaveyEdith Kborn about 1900

D Surnames

DeschweinitsLewis born about 1915

F Surnames

FarnumDavid Rborn about 1936
FarnumEdward Sborn about 1920
FarnumJoseph Eborn about 1884
FarnumMary Eborn about 1885
FarnumNona Cborn about 1915
FarnumRaymond born about 1913
FeleonElsie Rborn about 1919

G Surnames

GemmellAlexander born about 1894
GemmellLyman Rborn about 1922
GemmellMignonette born about 1895

H Surnames

HolcombCora Aborn about 1886
HolcombEdward Lborn about 1876
HolcombFlorence Aborn about 1918
HolcombOrvill Oborn about 1905
HolcombWilliam Lborn about 1935
HornbeckAgnes Aborn about 1869

J Surnames

JewellEdward Hborn about 1870
JonesAlva born about 1895
JonesDorothy Aborn about 1929
JonesJohn Cborn about 1896

K Surnames

KeeneGwendolyn born about 1911
KeltonDorothy Hborn about 1906
KeltonMary Bborn about 1868
KentEdward Mborn about 1884
KentFrance Cborn about 1887

L Surnames

LakinAdelaide Mborn about 1882
LakinPearl Dborn about 1879
LordFrances born about 1935
LordJeanette born about 1934
LordMalcolm Bborn about 1890
LordMaude Eborn about 1894
LyonNelson Kborn about 1897

M Surnames

MacfarlaneAlerander Bborn about 1917
MacfarlaneBarbara Sborn about 1924
MacfarlaneJane born about 1899
MacfarlaneScott Bborn about 1886
MaglianeVirgileo born about 1894
ManganJayce Gborn about 1926
MathewsJean Sborn about 1938
MathewsJoan Bborn about 1936
MathewsLawrence Oborn about 1939
MathewsMaud Aborn about 1913
MathewsRay Mborn about 1913
McGinnEunice Mborn about 1930
McGinnLilla Aborn about 1893
McGinnRay Jborn about 1882

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P Surnames

PaigeGlenn Eborn about 1902
ParrishMary De Sborn about 1913
ParrishWilliam Jborn about 1920
PrahlFrederick Aborn about 1882
PrahlJoan Hborn about 1887
PrantyHelen Aborn about 1901
PrantySamuel Sborn about 1897
PrantyVivian Hborn about 1926

R Surnames

RushJoseph Gborn about 1940

S Surnames

StoneDelmer Bborn about 1885
StoneSaura Mborn about 1909
SumondsEugine Cborn about 1872
SweetHollis Aborn about 1923

T Surnames

ThompsonMabel Lborn about 1877

V Surnames

VanburenEthel Vborn about 1906
VanburenRobin Aborn about 1926

W Surnames

WalkerBertha Nborn about 1886
WalkerFreda born about 1893
WalkerHarris born about 1881
WalkerSeth Sborn about 1866
WhatneyMabel Eborn about 1878
WilkinsCharlotte born about 1933
WilkinsDorothy Lborn about 1937
WilkinsElizabeth Mborn about 1925
WilkinsIda Rborn about 1927
WilkinsJames Sborn about 1892
WilkinsJames Sborn about 1920
WilkinsKenneth Jborn about 1918
WilkinsRaymond Jborn about 1922
WilkinsSander Mborn about 1900
WilliamMabel Jborn about 1887

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Z Surnames

ZulloPhilomena born about 1904

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