1940 U.S. Federal Census of Peola, Garfield, Washington

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USA > Washington > Garfield County > 1940 Census of Peola

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A Surnames

ArmstrongBryan Aborn about 1897
ArmstrongGertrude Lborn about 1899
ArmstrongJanice Rborn about 1926

B Surnames

BaldwinCharles Mborn about 1868
BaldwinNeil Aborn about 1919
BanksonClara Lborn about 1902
BanksonLawrence Lborn about 1895
BarnettAlice Jr born about 1933
BarnettMae Jborn about 1934
BowmanLeona Sborn about 1895
BowmanLester born about 1885

C Surnames

ChapmanC Harveyborn about 1885

D Surnames

DuckworthGary Lborn about 1934
DuckworthLeighton Gborn about 1902
DuckworthLynn Aborn about 1933
DuckworthWyoma Bborn about 1912
DunkinLouis Eborn about 1906

F Surnames

FannoMilton Eborn about 1897
FisherAnson Cborn about 1887
FisherJohn Hborn about 1921
FisherMarguerite Hborn about 1893
FisherPhyllis Hborn about 1925
FisherVirginia Mborn about 1927
FlerchingerEva Gborn about 1914
FlerchingerHerbert Lborn about 1914
FlerchingerWenzil Jborn about 1912
FordyceCharles Eborn about 1937
FordyceCharlie born about 1890
FordyceDavid Wborn about 1934
FordyceDonald Wborn about 1936
FordyceRuth Eborn about 1914
FransonEdna Lborn about 1889
FransonManfred Aborn about 1883

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H Surnames

HoltGeorge Wborn about 1884
HoltGrace Aborn about 1880

J Surnames

JenningsLeo born about 1900

K Surnames

KimbleAlbert Mborn about 1902
KimbleEmma Mborn about 1911
KimbleGeorge Fborn about 1891
KimbleGeorge F Jrborn about 1922
KimbleGwendolyn Rborn about 1938
KimbleKenneth Lborn about 1918
KimbleVenus Eborn about 1893
KnotgrassMable born about 1897
KnotgrassWilliam Fborn about 1892

L Surnames

LathamBarbara Jborn about 1929
LathamBeverly Oborn about 1931
LathamDwight Lborn about 1895
LathamJoveta Lborn about 1910
LathamRamona Jborn about 1935
LathamRobert Oborn about 1933
LathamUral Aborn about 1939
LathamWanda Lborn about 1927

P Surnames

PetersonHenry Hborn about 1862
PolumskyAudrey Eborn about 1918
PolumskyKenneth born about 1919
PolumskyLawrence born about 1913
PolumskyMargaret Jborn about 1939

R Surnames

RiedingerAlice Mborn about 1931
RiedingerCarl Jborn about 1906
RiedingerCarl Jborn about 1933
RiedingerCarleen Jborn about 1936
RiedingerEdna Bborn about 1911
RiedingerJudith Aborn about 1939
RiedingerNancy Gborn about 1939
RiedingerRobert Rborn about 1938
RoseJames Rborn about 1914
RoseJames Wborn about 1938
RoseSharon Lborn about 1937
RoseVictoria born about 1916
RuchertAlbert Jborn about 1880
RuchertEleanor Mborn about 1890
RuchertWilliam Cborn about 1895

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T Surnames

ThompsonBenjamin Bborn about 1881

W Surnames

WarnerBertha Mborn about 1891
WarnerRobert Nborn about 1886
WarnerRoberta Bborn about 1922
WarnerWalter Nborn about 1926
WolfeRoe Aborn about 1915

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