Colfax Genealogy (in Whitman County, WA)

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Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages.

Colfax Cemetery Records

Colfax Cemetery Interment

Colfax Church Records

Washington, Episcopal Diocese of Spokane Church Records, 1870-1947 (includes records from Colfax) Ancestry

Colfax City Directories

Whitman County (Washington) directories Family History Library

Colfax Newspapers and Obituaries

Colfax Commoner. (Colfax, Wash.) 1911-1932 Washington State University

Colfax Gazette, The (Washington/United States) [Colfax, Wash.] 5 January 1900 to 16 February 1912 Elephind

Colfax Gazette. (Colfax, Wash.) 1893-1932 Washington State University

Colfax Gazette. (Colfax, Wash.) 1958-1989 Multiple Archives

Commoner. (Colfax, Wash. Ter.) 1885-1892 Multiple Archives

Gazette-Commoner. (Colfax, Wash.) 1932-1958 Multiple Archives

Palouse Gazette [Microform]. (Colfax, Wash. Territory) 1877-1893 University of Washington Library

Palouse Gazette. (Colfax, Wash.) 1877-1893 Multiple Archives

People's Advocate. (Colfax, Wash.) 1892-1898 University of Washington Library

The Colfax Gazette 1900-1911

The Colfax gazette (Colfax, Wash., from 1900-01-05 to 1912-02-16) Chronicling America

The Colfax gazette, January 5, 1900 to January 26, 1912 Washington Digital Library

Washington Democrat. (Colfax, Wash. Ter.) 1881-1882 Washington State University

Weekly Commoner. (Colfax, Wash.) 1892-1911 Multiple Archives

Weekly Vidette. (Colfax, Wash. Ter.) 1883-1884 Washington State University

Whitman County Gazette. (Colfax, Wash.) 1989-Current Multiple Archives

Colfax School Records

Colfax, WA High School Alumni Roster 1908-1912 Old Yearbooks

Colfax, WA High School Alumni Roster 1916-1921 Old Yearbooks

Colfax, WA High School Alumni Roster 1919-1922 Old Yearbooks

U.S. School Yearbooks Index (includes Colfax High School 1938, 1959) Ancestry