Colville Genealogy (in Stevens County, WA)

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Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages.

Colville Cemetery Records

Calvary Cemetery Find a Grave

Cemeteries of Colville, Washington. Idaho State Historical Society

Evergreen Cemetery Find a Grave

Colville Census Records

Colville Reservation, Columbia Tribe, 1887-1910 Washington State Archives

Colville Reservation, Colville Tribe, 1890-1907, 1911-1914 Washington State Archives

Colville Church Records

Annual genealogical report, Form E, 1947-1948 (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Colville Branch (Washington)) Family History Library

Washington, Episcopal Diocese of Spokane Church Records, 1870-1947 (includes records from Colville) Ancestry

Colville Death Records

Statesman-Examiner 6/9/2010 - Current Genealogy Bank

Colville City Directories

Colville telephone directory 1929 and 1930 : for 1929 and 1930 Family History Library

Colville Newspapers and Obituaries

Colville Examiner, The (Washington/United States) [Colville, Wash.] 31 October 1907 to 30 December 1922 Elephind

Colville Examiner. (Colville, Wash.) 1907-1948 Multiple Archives

Colville Patriot. (Colville, Wash.) 1818-1923 Washington State University

Statesman-Examiner 6/9/2010 - Current Genealogy Bank

Statesman-Examiner. (Colville, Wash.) 1948-Current Multiple Archives

Statesman-Index. (Colville, Wash.) 1897-1923 Multiple Archives

Statesman-Index. (Colville, Wash.) 1927-1948 Multiple Archives

Stevens County Miner. (Colville, Wash.) 1885-1893 Multiple Archives

Stevens County Reporter. (Colville, W.T. [Wash.]) 1885-1886 Washington State University

Stevens County Reveille. (Colville, Wash.) 1900-1909 Washington State University

The Colville Examiner 1907-1922

The Colville examiner (Colville, Wash., from 1907-10-31 to 1922-12-30) Chronicling America

The Colville examiner, October 31, 1907 to November 25, 1922 Washington Digital Library

Western Star. (Colville, Wash.) 1919-1926 Washington State University

Colville School Records

Colville High School - Skookum Yearbook (Colville, WA) 1950 E Yearbooks

Colville High School - Skookum Yearbook (Colville, WA) 1961 E Yearbooks

U.S. School Yearbooks Index (includes Colville High School 1932, 1950, 1961) Ancestry