Dayton Genealogy (in Columbia County, WA)

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Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages.

Dayton Cemetery Records

Bundy Hollow Cemetery Find a Grave

Bundy Hollow Cemetery Interment

Covello Cemetery (Evergreen Cemetery) Interment

Dayton Cemetery Interment

Dayton City Cemetery Find a Grave

Highland Cemetery Interment

Marengo Cemetery Interment

Pioneer Cemetery Interment

Pioneer Memorial Cemetery Find a Grave

Pioneer Memorial Cemetery US Gen Web Archives

Smith Hollow Cemetery Interment

Turner Cemetery (Berry Evans Cemetery) Interment

Dayton Church Records

Washington, Episcopal Diocese of Spokane Church Records, 1870-1947 (includes records from Dayton) Ancestry

Dayton Newspapers and Obituaries

Chronicle Dispatch. (Dayton, Wash.) 1926-1957 Washington State University

Chronicle-Dispatch a Consolidation of the Columbia Chronicle and the Columbia County Dispatch. [Microform] (Dayton, Wash.) 1926-1957 University of Washington Library

Columbia Chronicle [Microform]. (Dayton, Columbia County, W.T.) 1878-1908 University of Washington Library

Columbia Chronicle. (Dayton, Wash.) 1878-1908 University of California

Columbia County Dispatch [Microform]. (Dayton, Wash.) 1903-1926 University of Washington Library

Columbia County Dispatch. (Dayton, Wash.) 1903-1926 Washington State University

Columbia Twice-A-Week Chronicle [Microform]. (Dayton, Columbia County, Wash.) 1908-1920s University of Washington Library

Columbia Twice-A-Week Chronicle. (Dayton, Wash.) 1908-1920s Washington State University

Dayton Chronicle. ([Dayton, Wash.) 1957-Current Multiple Archives

Dayton News [Microform]. (Dayton, W.T. [Wash.]) 1874-1878 University of Washington Library

Dayton News. (Dayton, W.T. [Wash.]) 1874-1878 Washington State University

Dayton Weekly News [Microform]. (Dayton, Wash.) 1878-1882 University of Washington Library

Dayton Weekly News. (Dayton, Wash.) 1878-1882 Washington State University

Democratic State Journal. (Dayton, Columbia County, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1882-1884 Multiple Archives

Inlander. (Dayton, Wash.) 1884-1893 Multiple Archives

Star of Starbuck. (Dayton, Wash.) 1900s-1900s University of Washington Library

Dayton School Records

Dayton High School - Nesika Wawa Yearbook (Dayton, WA) 1949 E Yearbooks

U.S. School Yearbooks Index (includes Dayton High School 1964-65) Ancestry

U.S. School Yearbooks Index (includes Pietrzycki High School 1937) Ancestry