Dayton Genealogy (in Columbia County, WA)

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Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages.

Dayton Cemetery Records

Bundy Hollow Cemetery Interment

Bundy Hollow Cemetery Find a Grave

Covello Cemetery (Evergreen Cemetery) Interment

Dayton Cemetery Interment

Dayton City Cemetery Find a Grave

Highland Cemetery Interment

Marengo Cemetery Interment

Pioneer Cemetery Interment

Pioneer Memorial Cemetery Find a Grave

Pioneer Memorial Cemetery US Gen Web Archives

Smith Hollow Cemetery Interment

Turner Cemetery (Berry Evans Cemetery) Interment

Dayton Newspapers and Obituaries

Chronicle Dispatch. (Dayton, Wash.) 1926-1957 Washington State University

Chronicle-Dispatch a Consolidation of the Columbia Chronicle and the Columbia County Dispatch. [Microform] (Dayton, Wash.) 1926-1957 University of Washington Library

Columbia Chronicle [Microform]. (Dayton, Columbia County, W.T.) 1878-1908 University of Washington Library

Columbia Chronicle. (Dayton, Wash.) 1878-1908 University of California

Columbia County Dispatch [Microform]. (Dayton, Wash.) 1903-1926 University of Washington Library

Columbia County Dispatch. (Dayton, Wash.) 1903-1926 Washington State University

Columbia Twice-A-Week Chronicle [Microform]. (Dayton, Columbia County, Wash.) 1908-1920s University of Washington Library

Columbia Twice-A-Week Chronicle. (Dayton, Wash.) 1908-1920s Washington State University

Dayton Chronicle. ([Dayton, Wash.) 1957-Current Multiple Archives

Dayton News [Microform]. (Dayton, W.T. [Wash.]) 1874-1878 University of Washington Library

Dayton News. (Dayton, W.T. [Wash.]) 1874-1878 Washington State University

Dayton Weekly News [Microform]. (Dayton, Wash.) 1878-1882 University of Washington Library

Dayton Weekly News. (Dayton, Wash.) 1878-1882 Washington State University

Democratic State Journal. (Dayton, Columbia County, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1882-1884 Multiple Archives

Inlander. (Dayton, Wash.) 1884-1893 Multiple Archives

Star of Starbuck. (Dayton, Wash.) 1900s-1900s University of Washington Library

Dayton School Records

Dayton High School - Nesika Wawa Yearbook (Dayton, WA) 1949 E Yearbooks

U.S. School Yearbooks Index (includes Dayton High School 1964-65) Ancestry

U.S. School Yearbooks Index (includes Pietrzycki High School 1937) Ancestry