Shelton Genealogy (in Mason County, WA)

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Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages.

Shelton Cemetery Records

Cemetery records, Shelton, Mason County, Washington Family History Library

Miller Cemetery Find a Grave

Shelton Memorial Park US Gen Web Archives

Shelton Memorial Park Find a Grave

Shelton Church Records

Annual genealogical report, Form E, 1943-1944 (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Shelton Branch (Washington)) Family History Library

Records of the United Methodist Church in Shelton, Washington, 1886-1931 Family History Library

Shelton Death Records

Death and funeral records of Mason County, Washington, 1890-1931 Family History Library

Shelton City Directories

Olympia (Washington) city directories Family History Library

Polk's Shelton City directory, 1960 (Mason County, Washington) Family History Library

Shelton, WA 1887 City Directories Allen County Public Library

Shelton Histories and Genealogies

A Brief History of Shelton, Washington Ancestry

Shelton, Washington, the first century 1885-1985 Family History Library

Shelton Newspapers and Obituaries

Mason County Independent. (Shelton, Wash.) 1914-1910s Washington State Archives

Mason County Journal. (Shelton, W.T.) 1886-1927 Multiple Archives

Shelton Daily Sentinel. (Shelton, Wash.) 1893-1890s Washington State Archives

Shelton Daily Spokesman. (Shelton, Wash.) 1937-1939 Washington State Archives

Shelton Independent. (Shelton, Wash.) 1927-1937 Washington State Archives

Shelton Sentinel. (Shelton, Wash.) 1890-1894 Washington State Archives

Shelton Weekly Tribune. (Shelton, Wash.) 1890s-1907 Washington State Archives

Shelton-Mason County Journal. (Shelton, Wash.) 1927-Current Multiple Archives

Shelton-Mason County journal, May 17, 1889 to March 29, 1901 Washington Digital Library

South Puget Intertribal Planning Agency. (Shelton, Wa) 1991-Current University of Arkansas

The Mason County journal (Shelton, W.T., from 1889-05-17 to 1901-04-19) Chronicling America

Shelton School Records

Shelton High School - Saghalie Yearbook (Shelton, WA) 1948 E Yearbooks

Shelton High School - Saghalie Yearbook (Shelton, WA) 1970 E Yearbooks

Shelton High School - Saghalie Yearbook (Shelton, WA) 1973 E Yearbooks

Shelton High School - Saghalie Yearbook (Shelton, WA) 1974 E Yearbooks

Shelton High School - Saghalie Yearbook (Shelton, WA) 1982 E Yearbooks

Shelton High School - Saghalie Yearbook (Shelton, WA) 1983 E Yearbooks

U.S. School Yearbooks Index (includes Shelton High School 1970, 1973-74, 1982-83) Ancestry