Fayetteville Genealogy (in Fayette County, WV)

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Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages.

Fayetteville Cemetery Records

Fayette County cemetery records Family History Library

Huse Memorial Park Find a Grave

Fayetteville Court Records

Minutes, 1873-1891, 1914 Family History Library

Fayetteville Newspapers and Obituaries

Enterprise. (Fayette Courthouse [I.E. Fayetteville] W. Va.) 1875-1886 Multiple Archives

Fayette County Journal, Fayetteville, W. Va., 1900-1901-1902-News Items Family History Library

Fayette Democrat. (Fayetteville, W. Va.) 1883-1890s Multiple Archives

Fayette Democrat. (Fayetteville, W. Va.) 1913-1941 Multiple Archives

Fayette Journal 1911 Newspaper Archive at FindMyPast

Fayette Journal 1911 (Fayetteville, West Virginia) Ancestry

Fayette Journal. (Fayetteville, W. Va.) 1895-1937 Multiple Archives

Fayette Sun. (Fayetteville, W. Va.) 1906-1914 Multiple Archives

Fayette Tribune and Free Press. (Fayetteville, W. Va.) 1908-1924 Multiple Archives

Fayette Tribune. (Fayetteville, W. Va.) 1924-Current Multiple Archives

Fayetteville Fayette Journal 1911 Newspaper Archive at FindMyPast

Industrial World. (Fayetteville, W. Va.) 1888-1890 Library of Virginia

Indypendent the Newspaper of the Nyc-Imc. (New York City) 2000-Current Multiple Archives

Pick and Shovel. (Fayetteville, W. Va.) 1920-1929 Multiple Archives

State Sentinel. (Fayetteville, W. Va.) 1929-1972 Multiple Archives

The Fayette Journal 1911-1911 Newspapers.com

The Fayette Tribune and Free Press, Preservation Project : [Abstracts] 1919-1920 Family History Library

The Fayette journal (Fayetteville, West Virginia) 1911 Family History Library

The Fayette tribune (Fayetteville, West Virginia) Family History Library

West Virginia Republican. (Fayetteville, W. Va.) 1887-1890s Multiple Archives

Fayetteville School Records

Minutes, 1866-1876 Family History Library