Grafton Genealogy (in Taylor County, WV)

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Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages.

Grafton Cemetery Records

Assorted W. Va. cemeteries : copied from the original tombstones Family History Library

Grafton National Cemetery Interment

Grafton, West Virginia, Grafton National Cemetery, 1867-2010 Ancestry

Harmony Grove Cemetery Find a Grave

Mount Calvary Cemetery Interment

Mount Calvary Cemetery Find a Grave

Grafton City Directories

Grafton, West Virginia, city directory Family History Library

The Grafton city directory, 1902 Family History Library

Grafton Marriage Records

Taylor County, West Virginia, County seat, Grafton, 26354 : marriage register ... Fairfax County Public Library

Grafton Newspapers and Obituaries

Central West Virginia Guardian. (Grafton, W. Va.) 1973-1975 West Virginia University Library

Farmers free press (Fairmont, West Virginia) Family History Library

Grafton Daily News. (Grafton, W. Va.) 1903-1904 Multiple Archives

Grafton Daily Sentinel. (Grafton, W. Va.) 1903-1975 Multiple Archives

Grafton Eagle-Sentinel. (Grafton, W. Va.) 1887-1891 Multiple Archives

Grafton Eagle. (Grafton, W. Va.) 1878-1887 Multiple Archives

Grafton Guardian. (Grafton, Va. [W. Va.]) 1859-1861 Multiple Archives

Grafton Leader. (Grafton, W. Va.) 1889-1921 Multiple Archives

Grafton News. (Grafton, W. Va.) 1934-1974 West Virginia University Library

Grafton Press---And the Belington Progressive. (Grafton, W. Va.) 1927-1930 Multiple Archives

Grafton Press. (Grafton, W. Va.) 1930-1934 Multiple Archives

Grafton Sentinel. (Grafton, W. Va.) 1870-1887 Multiple Archives

Grafton Sentinel. (Grafton, W. Va.) 1891-1945 Multiple Archives

Grafton Standard. (Grafton, W. Va.) 1884-1886 Multiple Archives

Grafton Weekly Times. (Grafton, W. Va.) 1874-1875 Boston Public Library

Mountain Statesman. (Grafton, W. Va.) 1975-Current West Virginia University Library

Parkersburg news (Parkersburg, West Virginia) Family History Library

Standard Enterprise. (Grafton, W. Va.) 1886-1887 Multiple Archives

The Grafton eagle-sentinal (West Virginia) 1889 Family History Library