1940 U.S. Federal Census of Cloverly, Big Horn, Wyoming

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USA > Wyoming > Big Horn County > 1940 Census of Cloverly

A Surnames G Surnames H Surnames K Surnames L Surnames M Surnames N Surnames P Surnames R Surnames S Surnames T Surnames V Surnames Y Surnames

A Surnames

AbrahamsDanil born about 1913
AbrahamsThomas born about 1916

G Surnames

GoodAlbert born about 1928
GoodArnold Iborn about 1900
GoodEd born about 1895
GoodEdgar born about 1930
GoodGary born about 1940
GoodHarry born about 1926
GoodJohn born about
GoodLawrence born about 1938
GoodLovan born about 1930
GoodMay born about 1904
GoodNell Mayborn about 1935
GoodRobert born about 1932
GoodThomas born about 1928
GoodVera born about 1909

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H Surnames

HarstonPhilip born about 1895
HaweAmos born about 1936
HaweClarence Eborn about 1905
HaweGertrude born about 1911
HaweRoy born about 1934
HaweWalter born about 1930

K Surnames

KinderClark born about 1915

L Surnames

LampmanIrma Jeanborn about 1927
LampmanJohn Dborn about 1897
LampmanJohn R Jrborn about 1922
LampmanMary Leeborn about 1939
LampmanMyrtle born about 1906

M Surnames

MillsAlvin born about 1865

N Surnames

NeidighFrank born about 1892

P Surnames

PetroskieJohn born about 1877
PhillipsCharles born about 1894
PhillipsTheola born about 1921
PiercyGeorgia born about 1907
PiercyJake born about 1905
PiercyLoreta Lborn about 1940

R Surnames

RheaEd Wborn about 1883

S Surnames

SampleL Dborn about 1903
StgermainFrank born about 1881

T Surnames

TillsonJohn born about 1893

V Surnames

VangundyEdith born about 1938
VangundyFlorence born about 1918
VangundyLloyd born about 1906
VangundyLloyd Jr born about 1939

Y Surnames

YouldFrank born about 1883
YouldHelen Mborn about 1933
YouldJ Frank Jrborn about 1923
YouldMary Pborn about 1895

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