1940 U.S. Federal Census of Deaver, Big Horn, Wyoming

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USA > Wyoming > Big Horn County > 1940 Census of Deaver

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B Surnames

BeanCarolyn born about 1909
BeanCarroll born about 1935
BeanEarnest born about 1937
BeanMaynard born about 1903
BeanOwen born about 1927
BeanRichard born about 1929
BeanSharon born about 1939
BeanThomas born about 1931
BeanVernon born about 1933
BentteyDouglas Iborn about 1914
BetzerCleste born about 1861
BetzerClifford born about 1890
BetzerEdith born about 1901
BorgesonBetty born about 1922
BovceHarriet born about 1899
BovceL Royborn about 1897
BovceVirginia born about 1919
BrownEdgar born about 1879
BrownFlorence born about 1884
BurgerLawrence born about 1901

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C Surnames

CampbellJohn Rborn about 1872
CampbellMorgan Nborn about 1882
CampbellRalph born about 1906
CarlsonAlice Lucilleborn about 1920
CarlsonAlvin Pborn about 1923
CarlsonCarl born about 1889
CarlsonCarl Edwardborn about 1922
CarlsonElizabeth born about 1918
CarlsonJack born about 1925
CarlsonLaura born about 1890
CarlsonWilliam Howrdborn about 1928
CrowLouise born about 1915
CrowRobert born about 1902

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D Surnames

DavisJohn Gborn about 1888
DavisLeroy born about 1922
DavisNatalie born about 1920
DavisRuth Rborn about 1896

E Surnames

EdgarMarjorie born about 1921
EdgarRobert Wilburnborn about 1939

F Surnames

FinleyAlva born about 1900
FinleyHyles born about 1896
FisherBernice born about 1923

G Surnames

GassChristine born about 1916

H Surnames

HederickLois born about 1899
HookerLora Bborn about 1881
HookerSidney Iborn about 1881
HoweyRuby born about 1922
HullGeorganne born about 1933
HullGladys born about 1906
HullJoel born about 1908

J Surnames

JacobsAnnie born about 1903
JacobsBetty Leeborn about 1938
JacobsLois born about 1930
JacobsMargaret Louisborn about 1925
JenkinsJesse born about 1890
JenkinsRuby born about 1892
JensenGladys born about 1902
JohnsonMary born about 1909

K Surnames

KetchumGeorge Vborn about 1925
KetchumJacqueline born about 1918
KetchumJoan born about 1928
KetchumMae born about 1898
KetchumRose Maeborn about 1922
KetchumThornton born about 1920

L Surnames

LucasFloyd Fborn about 1898
LucasFloyd Jr born about 1923
LucasIna Lucileborn about 1900
LucasKathleen Mborn about 1934
LucasWilliam Eborn about 1925

M Surnames

MandenJohn Tborn about 1923
McLonghlineCharles born about 1915
MeekerLouise born about 1894

O Surnames

OlsenEsther born about 1919

P Surnames

PickwickGeorge Bborn about 1905
PinwickAudrey born about 1909

R Surnames

RogersStanleyj born about 1920

S Surnames

SchwendimanAlys born about 1882
SchwendimanJohn born about 1919
SchwendimanReuben born about 1882
ShankFrederick Jborn about 1866
SharpAlive born about 1917
SharpJames Wborn about 1917
SharpLaura Maeborn about 1938
SigmonIla born about 1940
SigmonLyle born about 1938
SigmonMomie born about 1916
SigmonVictor Eborn about 1912
SnellJames born about 1890
StineJ Francisborn about 1909
StineMarcella born about 1916
StineRichard Lborn about 1938

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T Surnames

TennyonTony born about 1878
ToolinPresdon Eborn about 1913

V Surnames

VaterlausJesse born about 1896
VaterlausLeo born about 1896

W Surnames

WelchWinfield born about 1882
WellsBernice born about 1892
WellsFloyd Hborn about 1890
WellsGarnet born about 1930
WellsHelen born about 1922
WellsMarjorie born about 1924
WellsRoland born about 1935
WellsVera born about 1926
WeymouthDona Maeborn about 1939
WeymouthGeorge Tborn about 1890
WeymouthGladys born about 1900
WeymouthJean born about 1925
WeymouthLou Annborn about 1930
WeymouthPhyllis born about 1939
WoolfEleanor born about 1915
WoolfJames Eborn about 1910

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