Genealogy Research Services

  • Are you stuck on how to find out more about your ancestor?
  • Are you not sure what steps to take next?
  • A professional genealogist with many years of experience can make help you to move forward!

About Jeniann Nielsen

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I have been actively involved in family history research for 16 years. I have owned and operated the website during that time, as well as spent many hours researching my own family tree.

I have helped more than 400 people with their family trees thus far, both as a paid professional genealogist and as a volunteer for the FamilySearch Library and in other capacities.

I have extensive experience with research with:

  • United States ancestors
  • Immigrants to the United States (help locating them in the home country)
  • African American ancestors
  • Ancestors that lived in England, Scotland, Denmark, Mexico, and other Latin American countries
  • Using DNA testing results to solve genealogy research problems

The brick wall case studies on this site are just a few examples of my research.

How the Research Services Work

My genealogy research services follow these steps:

  1. You gather the information about the ancestor you would like help with and evaluate what you hope to learn.
  2. You schedule a free 15-minute consultation time using the calendar on this page. You include information about your research goal for the consultation and the information you know so far.
  3. We meet for a 15-minute online Zoom meeting or phone call and discuss the information you have thus far.
  4. Based on the information you have and what information you hope to learn, I propose a number of research hours that will fit your situation. I charge $50 per hour of research. Most packages require between 2 hours ($100) and 10 hours ($500) of research.
  5. You make a payment through PayPal or credit card.
  6. I perform the research on your behalf. Most research takes 1-3 weeks to complete.
  7. Once the research has been completed, we meet again and discuss my findings over Zoom, or I write up a formal written report of my findings and submit it to you.

Testimonials from Clients

Here are some comments from satisfied clients I have helped:

  • "Wow, it's so wonderful what you were able to learn about my family! You have no idea what this means to me."
  • "Thank you so much for taking the time to help me with my research."
  • "You know so much and have been able to do so much to help me."

Consultation Services

I also provide genealogy consultation services if you would rather get new ideas for doing the research yourself.

Schedule a Free Consultation

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To schedule a consultation, select and date and time from the box below and fill in the details of your research goals. Please take the time to be as detailed as possible so that I can better help you.

If you are not able to meet at one of the available times or have other questions, you can reach me through the Contact Us page.