1940 U.S. Federal Census of Camps Mill, Talladega, Alabama

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USA > Alabama > Talladega County > 1940 Census of Camps Mill

A Surnames B Surnames C Surnames D Surnames F Surnames H Surnames L Surnames M Surnames N Surnames O Surnames P Surnames R Surnames S Surnames W Surnames

A Surnames

AdamsAldrich born about 1923
AdamsEssie Lborn about 1894
AdamsJames Aborn about 1864
AdamsJewell Cborn about 1920
AdamsM Tborn about 1892
AdamsMary Aborn about 1869
AdamsTalmadge born about 1913
ArmstrongJohn born about 1900
ArmstrongVerigia born about 1923

B Surnames

BarnesAnna Kborn about 1925
BarnesEvie born about 1907
BarnesLeavy born about 1896
BarnesMargie born about 1924
BarnesNorma Jborn about 1930
BennetCarla Mborn about 1938
BennetGeorge born about 1903
BennetJessie Lborn about 1935
BennetKatie Mborn about 1931
BennetMary born about 1904
ButterworthDania born about 1909
ButterworthDoris born about 1935
ButterworthHazel born about 1919
ButterworthJ Fborn about 1917
ButterworthJ Tborn about 1909
ButterworthJohny Sborn about 1938
ButterworthSuvella born about 1921
ByrdEthel Mborn about 1905
ByrdJames Aborn about 1896
ByrdVenie born about 1935
ByrdVerbynell born about 1937
ByrdVerman born about 1929
ByrdVermell born about 1931
ByrdVerna born about 1922
ByrdVertis born about 1925
ByrdVirgil born about 1927

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C Surnames

ClayElloit born about 1900
ClayElois born about 1927
ClayHenry born about 1903
CottonAron Eborn about 1939
CottonMary born about 1900
CottonMolly born about 1919
CottonR Cborn about 1914
CottonRachford born about 1898

D Surnames

DempsyAnna Bborn about 1923
DempsyD Cborn about 1932
DempsyEdward Aborn about 1931
DempsyGladys Mborn about 1928
DempsyHelen Rborn about 1935
DempsyMary Mborn about 1930
DempsyMilburn Lborn about 1925
DempsyVera Aborn about 1914
DempsyW Hueyborn about 1900

F Surnames

FultonAlice Iborn about 1936
FultonEulala born about 1910
FultonLonnie born about 1899
FultonMelvin born about 1925

H Surnames

HassellAda Bborn about 1899
HassellLavanore born about 1927
HassellWilliam Eborn about 1896

L Surnames

LeightonFred Lborn about 1910
LeightonJohn Aborn about 1936
LeightonMargret Sborn about 1938
LeightonPauline born about 1909
LeightonRussell born about 1933

M Surnames

MillerA Lborn about 1881
MillerI Deweyborn about 1911
MillerLeyman born about 1920
MillerMargie Lborn about 1931
MillerMary born about 1892
MillerMary Eborn about 1927
MillerThomas Fborn about 1913
MooreHouston born about 1921
MooreJewel born about 1917
MooreL Fborn about 1881
MooreLois born about 1925
MooreMattie Eborn about 1883
MooreSidney born about 1919
MooreVera born about 1924

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N Surnames

NalesMattie Aborn about 1875
NalesNewt born about 1875
NowlandBilly Fayborn about 1935
NowlandHaroldine born about 1933
NowlandHartwell born about 1915
NowlandLala Vborn about 1912

O Surnames

OwensDewit born about 1893
OwensEthel Cborn about 1925
OwensRuby Lborn about 1928

P Surnames

ParnellFrances Eborn about 1938
ParnellLesley born about 1913
ParnellLois born about 1919

R Surnames

ReeseFrank born about 1895
ReeseFrank Jr born about 1926
ReeseHattie Mborn about 1928
ReeseJessie Eborn about 1930
ReeseMinnie Aborn about 1927
ReeseWillie Mborn about 1909
RoachClark Dborn about 1938
RoachTiston born about 1915
RoachWilma born about 1918

S Surnames

ShaddixAlice Mborn about 1913
ShaddixBennie Cborn about 1934
ShaddixBurford Gborn about 1937
ShaddixJae born about 1903
ShaddixLaura F Dborn about 1932
ShaddixZ Williamborn about 1930
SmithBeatrice born about 1924
SmithBraxton born about 1927
SmithDavey born about 1914
SmithEdith Jborn about 1937
SmithExa born about 1890
SmithGrant born about 1910
SmithMarlene born about 1935
SmithMildred born about 1914
SmithR Hborn about 1923
SmithRobert Hborn about 1877
SmithRoy born about 1920
SmithVirgie born about 1933
SmithWilliam born about 1933
StephensBetty Sborn about 1935
StephensHelen born about 1925
StephensLewie born about 1915
StephensM Marieborn about 1937
StephensMyrtle born about 1917
StephensObe born about 1868
StephensRex Dborn about 1938
StephensSarrah Fborn about 1939
StricklandJessie Uborn about 1939
StricklandMarion born about 1913
StricklandZeldar born about 1923

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W Surnames

WadeCarry Eborn about 1879
WadeClyde Hborn about 1939
WadeDewey Sborn about 1931
WadeFrances born about 1930
WadeG Rborn about 1871
WadeHarold born about 1938
WadeJ Fborn about 1868
WadeLillie Mborn about 1933
WadeMary Mborn about 1864
WadeRobert Jr born about 1932
WadeVera Eborn about 1914
WadeW Robertborn about 1900

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