Columbiana Genealogy (in Shelby County, AL)

USA (994,159) > Alabama (21,742) > Shelby County (407) > Columbiana (31)

Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages.

Columbiana Cemetery Records

Blackmon Cemetery Find a Grave

Cedar Grove Freewill Baptist Church Cemetery Find a Grave

Croft-Acton Find a Grave

New Bethesda Baptist Church Cemetery Find a Grave

Old Good Hope Church Cemetery Interment

Pinelawn Gardens Perpetual Care Cemetery Find a Grave

Shelby Springs Confederate Cemetery Find a Grave

Verchot Cemetery Find a Grave

Wallace Campbell Cemetery Find a Grave

Columbiana Death Records

Burials by Boltons of Columbiana, Shelby Co, Alabama, 1957-1971 Birmingham Jefferson Public Library

Columbiana Newspapers and Obituaries

Banner of Liberty. (Columbiana, Ala.) 1880s-1880s Multiple Archives

Chronicle. (Columbiana, Ala.) 1892-1901 Multiple Archives

Columbiana AL Chronicle 1890-1904 Fulton History

Columbiana Sentinel. (Columbiana, Ala.) 1904-1908 Multiple Archives

People's Advocate. (Columbiana, Ala.) 1892-1924 Multiple Archives

Shelby Chronicle. (Columbiana, Ala.) 1883-1892 Multiple Archives

Shelby Chronicle. (Columbiana, Ala.) 1901-1904 Multiple Archives

Shelby County Democrat. (Columbiana, Ala.) 1932-1948 Multiple Archives

Shelby County Guide. (Columbiana, Ala.) 1868-1870 Multiple Archives

Shelby County Reporter 03/27/2002 to Current Genealogy Bank

Shelby County Reporter 1923-1964

Shelby County Reporter-Democrat 1948-1955

Shelby County Reporter-Democrat. (Columbiana, Ala.) 1948-1955 Multiple Archives

Shelby County Reporter. (Columbiana, Ala.) 1923-1948 Multiple Archives

Shelby County Reporter. (Columbiana, Ala.) 1955-Current Multiple Archives

Shelby County Sentinel. (Columbiana, Ala.) 1908-1910 Multiple Archives

Shelby County Sun. (Columbiana, Ala.) 1910-1921 Multiple Archives

Shelby Guide. (Columbiana, Ala.) 1870-1879 Multiple Archives

The Shelby Chronicle 1883-1892

The Shelby Guide 1868-1879

The Shelby Sentinel 1875-1884