Jefferson County AL Newspapers and Obituaries

USA (1,373,456) > Alabama (33,577) > Jefferson County (1,586) > Jefferson County Newspapers and Obituaries (173)

USA (1,373,456) > Alabama (33,577) > Alabama Newspapers and Obituaries (2,561) > Jefferson County Newspapers and Obituaries (173)

NOTE: Additional records that apply to Jefferson County are also on the Alabama Newspapers and Obituaries page.

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Jefferson County Newspapers and Obituaries

Death and marriage notices from Jefferson County Alabama newspapers, 1882-1906). WorldCat

Death and marriage notices from Jefferson County, Alabama newspapers WorldCat

Death and marriage notices from Jefferson County, Alabama newspapers WorldCat

Death and marriage notices from Jefferson County, Alabama newspapers 1854-1906 FamilySearch Library Marriage Index, 1800s-1999 Ancestry online Obituary Index, 1800s-current Ancestry online

Bessemer Newspapers and Obituaries

Birmingham Newspapers and Obituaries

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Age-Herald 07/01/1894 to 05/20/1902 Genealogy Bank online

Age-Herald 1897-1902 online

Age-herald (Birmingham, Ala.) (from Oct. 1, 1897 to Dec. 31, 1897) MyHeritage online

Alabama Birmingham Obituaries MyHeritage online

Alabama Citizen, 1913-1918 Google News Archive online

Alabamian 1902-1903 online

Avondale Sun (newspaper published by Avondale Mills) 1924-2006 Birmingham Public Library online

Birmingham Age Herald (1894-1903) Newspaper Archive online

Birmingham Age-Herald 1894-1895 online

Birmingham Age-Herald 1902-1950 online

Birmingham Area Newspapers Obituary Index, 1918-2018 Birmingham Public Library online

Birmingham Courier 08/19/1899 to 09/12/1903 Genealogy Bank online

Birmingham Iron Age (1874-1885) Newspaper Archive online

Birmingham Iron Age 1874-1884 online

Birmingham Iron Age, 1874-1877 Alabama Department of Archives and History online

Birmingham Medical News 02/07/2013 to Current Genealogy Bank online

Birmingham Mirror 1960-1963 online

Birmingham News 01/01/1963 to 05/15/1965 Genealogy Bank online

Birmingham News 04/27/1993 to Current Genealogy Bank online

Birmingham News 1894-1963 online

Birmingham News: Web Edition Articles 08/22/2012 to Current Genealogy Bank online

Birmingham Newspapers 1874-1901 Birmingham Public Library online

Birmingham Post-Herald 05/15/1950 to 12/31/1970 Genealogy Bank online

Birmingham Post-Herald 1950-2005 online

Birmingham Progressive Farmer And Southern Farm Gazette (1910-1913) Newspaper Archive online

Birmingham Reporter 1907-1934 online

Birmingham State Herald (1895-1897) Newspaper Archive online

Birmingham State Herald 1895-1897 online

Birmingham Times 07/15/2010 to Current Genealogy Bank online

Birmingham Times 1896-1912 online

Birmingham Weekly Age (1888-1899) Newspaper Archive online

Birmingham Weekly Iron Age (1884-1887) Newspaper Archive online

Birmingham age-herald (Birmingham, Ala.) (from July 1, 1894 to Oct. 3, 1895) MyHeritage online

Birmingham age-herald 07/01/1894 to 10/03/1895 Genealogy Bank online

Birmingham age-herald 1894-1921 University of Alabama Libraries Special Collections online

Birmingham age-herald. (Birmingham, Ala.) (from July 1, 1894 to Oct. 3, 1895) Chronicling America online

Birmingham chronicle 1882-1890 FamilySearch Library

Birmingham state herald (Birmingham, Ala.) (from Oct. 4, 1895 to March 31, 1897) MyHeritage online

Birmingham state herald 10/04/1895 to 07/31/1897 Genealogy Bank online

Birmingham state herald. (Birmingham, Ala.) (from Oct. 4, 1895 to July 31, 1897) Chronicling America online

Birmingham, Alabama, Obituary Index, 1930-1996 Ancestry online

Daily News 1889-1894 online

Daily State 1895-1895 online

Evening News 1888-1889 online

Hornet 1886-1886 online

Humming Bird 1900-1902 online

Jones Valley Times 1854-1855 online

Jones Valley Times 1904-1908 online

Labor Advocate 06/29/1895 to 12/20/1902 Genealogy Bank online

Mineral Belt Gazette 1905-1905 online

Modern South 1931-1931 online

NBC - 13 WVTM 01/01/2020 to Current Genealogy Bank online

Obituaries (Birmingham Alabama) WorldCat

People's Weekly Tribune 1894-1900 online

Progressive farmer and southern farm gazette 01/08/1910 to 03/29/1913 Genealogy Bank online

Silent Eye 1901-1906 online

States' Rights 1948-1948 online

The Birmingham age-herald. (Birmingham, Ala.) (from May 21, 1902 to Oct. 31, 1915) Chronicling America online

The age-herald. (Birmingham, Ala.) (from Aug. 1, 1897 to May 20, 1902) Chronicling America online

Truth 1905-1909 online

Voice of the People 1916-1922 online

Weekly Call 1920-1950 online

Weekly Review 1940-1951 online

Wide-Awake 1900-1900 online

Clay Newspapers and Obituaries

Clay News, 2002-2009 Google News Archive online

Elyton Newspapers and Obituaries

Elyton Herald 1871-1871 online

The Elyton Herald 1871 Alabama Department of Archives and History online

Gardendale Newspapers and Obituaries

Homewood Newspapers and Obituaries

Leeds Newspapers and Obituaries

Pinson Newspapers and Obituaries

Pratt City Newspapers and Obituaries

Offline Newspapers for Jefferson County

According to the US Newspaper Directory, the following newspapers were printed in this county, so there may be paper or microfilm copies available. For more information on how to locate offline newspapers, see our article on Locating Offline Newspapers.

Bessemer: Bessemer Advertiser. (Bessemer, Ala.) 1920-1930

Bessemer: Bessemer Advertiser. (Bessemer, Ala.) 1949-1990

Bessemer: Bessemer Journal. (Bessemer, Ala.) 1888-1897

Bessemer: Bessemer Journal. (Bessemer, Ala.) 1902-1909

Bessemer: Bessemer Weekly. (Bessemer, Ala.) 1889-1920

Bessemer: Bessemer Workman. (Bessemer, Ala.) 1899-1910s

Bessemer: Bessemer. (Bessemer, Ala.) 1887-1889

Bessemer: Bessemerite. (Bessemer, Ala.) 1896-1890s

Bessemer: Daily Bessemer. (Bessemer, Ala.) 1891-1890s

Bessemer: Daily Pig. (Bessemer, Ala.) 1891-1890s

Bessemer: Herald-Journal. (Bessemer, Ala.) 1897-1902

Bessemer: Rustler. (Bessemer, Ala.) 1900s-1908

Birmingham: Age-Herald [Microform]. (Birmingham, Ala.) 1897-1902

Birmingham: Age-Herald. (Birmingham, Ala.) 1897-1902

Birmingham: Alabama Christian Advocate. (Birmingham, Ala.) 1881-1956

Birmingham: Alabama Courier. (Birmingham, Ala.) 1893-1895

Birmingham: Alabama Independent and Birmingham Independent. (Birmingham, Ala.) 1967-1969

Birmingham: Alabama Independent. (Birmingham, Ala.) 1969-1974

Birmingham: Alabama Legal Advertiser. (Birmingham, Ala.) 1959-1971

Birmingham: Alabama News Digest. (Birmingham, Ala.) 1930s-1941

Birmingham: Alabama-Messenger. (Birmingham, Ala.) 1971-Current

Birmingham: Avondale Budget. (Birmingham, Ala.) 1903-1907

Birmingham: Birmingham Age-Herald [Microform]. (Birmingham, Ala.) 1890-1895

Birmingham: Birmingham Age-Herald [Microform]. (Birmingham, Ala.) 1902-1950

Birmingham: Birmingham Age-Herald. (Birmingham, Ala.) 1890-1895

Birmingham: Birmingham Age-Herald. (Birmingham, Ala.) 1902-1950

Birmingham: Birmingham Age. (Birmingham, Ala.) 1885-1888

Birmingham: Birmingham Courier. (Birmingham, Ala.) 1895-1910s

Birmingham: Birmingham Free Press. (Birmingham, Ala.) 1935-1942

Birmingham: Birmingham Independent and the Cahaba Valley News. (Birmingham, Ala.) 1964-1967

Birmingham: Birmingham Iron Age. (Birmingham, Ala.) 1874-1884

Birmingham: Birmingham Ledger. (Birmingham, Ala.) 1902-1920

Birmingham: Birmingham Messenger. (Birmingham, Ala.) 1930-1971

Birmingham: Birmingham News. (Birmingham, Ala.) 1894-Current

Birmingham: Birmingham Observer. (Birmingham, Ala.) 1880-1882

Birmingham: Birmingham Post-Herald. (Birmingham, Ala.) 1950-2005

Birmingham: Birmingham Post. (Birmingham, Ala.) 1921-1950

Birmingham: Birmingham Record. (Birmingham, Ala.) 1931-1948

Birmingham: Birmingham State Herald [Microform]. (Birmingham, Ala.) 1895-1897

Birmingham: Birmingham Sunday Chronicle. (Birmingham, Ala.) 1883-1890

Birmingham: Birmingham Times. (Birmingham, Ala.) 1894-1912

Birmingham: Birmingham Times. (Birmingham, Ala.) 1964-Current

Birmingham: Birmingham World. (Birmingham, Ala.) 1930-Current

Birmingham: Black & White. (Birmingham, Ala.) 1992-Current

Birmingham: Catholic Week. (Birmingham, Ala.) 1934-Current

Birmingham: Daily Age-Herald. (Birmingham, Ala.) 1888-1890

Birmingham: Daily Age. (Birmingham, Ala.) 1881-1885

Birmingham: Daily Herald. (Birmingham, Ala.) 1887-1888

Birmingham: Daily Ledger. (Birmingham, Ala.) 1896-1902

Birmingham: Daily News. (Birmingham, Ala) 1889-1894

Birmingham: Daily News. (Birmingham, Ala.) 1874-1875

Birmingham: East End News. (Birmingham, Ala.) 1940s-1958

Birmingham: Eastern Sun. (Birmingham, Ala.) 1958-1970

Birmingham: Evening News. (Birmingham, Ala.) 1888-1889

Birmingham: Examiner : Alabama's Weekly Newspaper. (Birmingham, Ala.) 1963-1964

Birmingham: Howle's Iconoclast. (Birmingham, Ala.) 1910-1913

Birmingham: Industrial Press and Ensley Shopper. (Birmingham, Ala.) 1930s-1956

Birmingham: Jones Valley Times. (Birmingham, Ala.) 1904-1900s

Birmingham: Labor Advocate. (Birmingham, Ala.) 1890-1948

Birmingham: Mt. Pinson Journal. (Birmingham, Ala.) 1928-1929

Birmingham: News Digest. (Birmingham, Ala.) 1941-1944

Birmingham: One Voice. (Birmingham, Ala.) 1971-Current

Birmingham: Paperman. (Birmingham, Ala.) 1973-1974

Birmingham: Progressive Farmer and Farm Woman. (Birmingham, Ala.) 1923-1930

Birmingham: Progressive Farmer. (Birmingham, Ala.) 1920-1923

Birmingham: Southern Labor Review. (Birmingham, Ala.) 1918-1959

Birmingham: Southern Shofar. (Birmingham, Al) 1990-1999

Birmingham: Southern Worker. (Birmingham, Ala.) 1930-1937

Birmingham: Tribune-Advertiser. (Birmingham, Ala.) 1930-1949

Birmingham: Voice of The People. (Birmingham, Ala.) 1910s-1920s

Birmingham: Weekly Age-Herald. (Birmingham, Ala.) 1889-1895

Birmingham: Weekly Call. (Birmingham, Ala.) 1917-1950

Blossburg: Blossburg Star. (Blossburg, Ala.) 1901-1900s

Ensley: Ensley Enterprise. (Ensley, Ala.) 1898-1920s

Ensley: Ensley Herald. (Ensley, Ala.) 1901-1907

Fairfield: Jefferson Journal and Steel City Star. (Fairfield, Ala.) 1959-1965

Fairfield: Steel City Star. (Fairfield, Ala.) 1940-1959

Gardendale: North Jefferson News. (Gardendale, Ala.) 1970-Current

Homewood: Shades Valley Sun. (Homewood, Ala.) 1945-Current

Homewood: Sun. (Homewood, Ala.) 1970s-1970s

Hueytown: Citizen. (Hueytown, Ala.) 1940s-1940s

Leeds: Leeds Enterprise. (Leeds, Ala.) 1924-1920s

Leeds: Leeds News. (Leeds, Ala.) 1939-Current

Pratt City: Independent. (Pratt City, Ala.) 1893-1890s

Pratt City: Jefferson County Herald. (Pratt City, Ala.) 1899-1901

Pratt City: Pratt City Herald. (Pratt City, Ala.) 1899-1901

Tarrant City: Jefferson County Herald. (Tarrant City, Ala.) 1920s-1934

Tarrant City: Tarrant News. (Tarrant City, Ala.) 1955-1940s

Warrior: Warrior Breeze. (Warrior, Ala.) 1887-1900s

Warrior: Weekly Advance. (Warrior, Ala.) 1884-1885

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