Mobile County AL Miscellaneous Records

USA (618,007) > Alabama (10,640) > Mobile County (520) > Mobile County Miscellaneous Records (8)

USA (618,007) > Alabama (10,640) > Alabama Miscellaneous Records (260) > Mobile County Miscellaneous Records (8)

Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the county level. Statewide collections are found on the Alabama Miscellaneous Records page.

Mobile County Miscellaneous Records

Child labor affidavits, 1908-1915 Family History Library

Hunter licenses index, 1907-1914 Family History Library

Periodical Source Index FindMyPast

Record book of run-away slaves; 1857-1865; index, 1857-1865 Family History Library

Voter registration oath book, v. 1, and poll tax cards, ca. 1870-1981 Family History Library

Mobile Miscellaneous Records

Minutes of the Mobile, Alabama Hall of Lee Benevolent Association, 1875-1880 Family History Library

Registers of signatures of depositors, 1867-1874 Family History Library

U.S., Applications for Seaman's Protection Certificates, 1916-1940 (includes Mobile, Alabama) Ancestry