Perry County AL Newspapers and Obituaries

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Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the county level. Statewide collections are found on the Alabama Newspapers and Obituaries page.

Perry County Newspapers and Obituaries

Index to the minutes of the Probate Court of Perry County, Alabama : from the beginning (about 1820) to the end of the 19th Century. Mobile Public Library

Marion Newspapers and Obituaries

Alabama Baptist Advocate. (Marion, Ala.) 1849-1850 Multiple Archives

Alabama Baptist. (Marion, Ala.) 1843-1849 Multiple Archives

Alabama Baptist. (Marion, Ala.) 1874-Current Multiple Archives

Marion Democrat. (Marion, Ala.) 1897-1900s Multiple Archives

Marion Journal. (Marion, Ala.) 1909-1910 Multiple Archives

Marion Standard. (Marion, Ala.) 1881-1917 Multiple Archives

Marion Times-Standard. (Marion, Ala.) 1917-Current Multiple Archives

Marion Times. (Marion, Ala.) 1911-1917 Multiple Archives

Marriage and death notices from the South Western Baptist newspaper Family History Library

Messenger. (Marion, Ala.) 1970s-1982 Multiple Archives

South Western Baptist 1850-1865

South Western Baptist. (Marion, Ala.) 1850-1865 Multiple Archives

Southern Herald. (Marion, Ala.) 1830s-1830s Multiple Archives

Southern Standard. (Marion, Ala.) 1879-1881 Multiple Archives

The Marion Commonwealth 1861-1883

The Marion Democrat 1897-1907

The Marion Times-Standard 1879-1923

True Democrat. (Marion, Ala.) 1883-1884 Multiple Archives

Uniontown Newspapers and Obituaries

Canebrake Herald. (Uniontown, Ala.) 1887-1914 Multiple Archives

Canebrake News. (Uniontown, Ala.) 1884-1886 Multiple Archives

The Canebrake Herald 1887-1914

The Negro Leader 1911-1915

The Uniontown News 1915-1915

Uniontown Press. (Uniontown, Ala.) 1878-1880s Multiple Archives

Uniontown Press. (Uniontown, Ala.) 1930s-1943 Multiple Archives