Shelby County AL Newspapers and Obituaries

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Shelby County Newspapers and Obituaries

Genealogical Abstracts from Shelby County, Alabama Newspapers (1868-1888) Family History Library

Genealogical abstracts from Shelby County, Alabama newspapers (1868-1888) WorldCat

Index to Obituaries in Shelby County newspapers 1866-2009 US Gen Web Marriage Index, 1800s-1999 Ancestry Obituary Index, 1800s-current Ancestry

Alabaster Newspapers and Obituaries

Calera Newspapers and Obituaries

Calera AL Journal 1892 Fulton History

Calera AL Shelby Sentinel 1895-1905 Fulton History

Calera Journal (1891-1893) University of Montevallo

Shelby News 1890-1892

Shelby Sentinel 1893-1900

Columbiana Newspapers and Obituaries

Columbiana AL Chronicle 1890-1904 Fulton History

Shelby Chronicle 1883-1892

Shelby County Guide, 1868-1870 Alabama Department of Archives and History

Shelby County Reporter 03/27/2002 to Current Genealogy Bank

Shelby County Reporter 1923-1964

Shelby County Reporter-Democrat 1948-1955

Shelby Guide 1868-1879

Shelby Sentinel 1875-1884

The Shelby Chronicle (1883-1904) University of Montevallo

The Shelby Guide 1870-1875, 1877 Alabama Department of Archives and History

The Shelby Sentinel (1895-1902) University of Montevallo

The Shelby Sentinel 1875-1877 Alabama Department of Archives and History

Montevallo Newspapers and Obituaries

Montevallo AL Times 1935, 1941-1949 Fulton History

Montevallo News (1895-1899) University of Montevallo

Montevallo Times (1933-1954) University of Montevallo

Pelham Newspapers and Obituaries

Shelby Newspapers and Obituaries

Magnet 1892-1893

Offline Newspapers for Shelby County

According to the US Newspaper Directory, the following newspapers were printed in this county, so there may be paper or microfilm copies available. For more information on how to locate offline newspapers, see our article on Locating Offline Newspapers.

Calera: Calera Independent. (Calera, Ala.) 1930-1930s

Calera: Calera Journal. (Calera, Ala.) 1891-1893

Calera: Calera Journal. (Calera, Ala.) 1902-1900s

Calera: Calera News. (Calera, Ala.) 1903-1904

Calera: Shelby News. (Calera, Ala.) 1890-1890s

Calera: Shelby Sentinel. (Calera, Ala.) 1893-1900

Calera: Tariff and Labor Advocate. (Calera, Ala.) 1887-1880s

Columbiana: Banner of Liberty. (Columbiana, Ala.) 1880s-1880s

Columbiana: Chronicle. (Columbiana, Ala.) 1892-1901

Columbiana: Columbiana Sentinel. (Columbiana, Ala.) 1904-1908

Columbiana: People's Advocate. (Columbiana, Ala.) 1892-1924

Columbiana: Shelby Chronicle. (Columbiana, Ala.) 1883-1892

Columbiana: Shelby Chronicle. (Columbiana, Ala.) 1901-1904

Columbiana: Shelby County Democrat. (Columbiana, Ala.) 1932-1948

Columbiana: Shelby County Guide. (Columbiana, Ala.) 1868-1870

Columbiana: Shelby County Reporter-Democrat. (Columbiana, Ala.) 1948-1955

Columbiana: Shelby County Reporter. (Columbiana, Ala.) 1923-1948

Columbiana: Shelby County Reporter. (Columbiana, Ala.) 1955-Current

Columbiana: Shelby County Sentinel. (Columbiana, Ala.) 1908-1910

Columbiana: Shelby County Sun. (Columbiana, Ala.) 1910-1921

Columbiana: Shelby Guide. (Columbiana, Ala.) 1870-1879

Montevallo: Montevallo Monitor. (Montevallo, Ala.) 1973-1975

Montevallo: Montevallo News. (Montevallo, Ala.) 1895-1899

Montevallo: Montevallo Sentinel. (Montevallo, Ala.) 1903-1904

Montevallo: Montevallo Times. (Montevallo, Ala.) 1933-1954

Montevallo: Sentinel. (Montevallo, Ala.) 1900-1903

Montevallo: Shelby County News. (Montevallo, Ala.) 1976-1980

Montevallo: Shelby County Times-Herald. (Montevallo, Ala.) 1954-1959

Montevallo: Shelby News-Monitor. (Montevallo, Ala.) 1975-1976

Montevallo: Weekly Review. (Montevallo, Ala.) 1910-1912

Pelham: Shelby County Advertiser. (Pelham, Ala.) 1970s-1976

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