Sumter County AL Newspapers and Obituaries

USA (618,007) > Alabama (10,640) > Sumter County (159) > Sumter County Newspapers and Obituaries (35)

USA (618,007) > Alabama (10,640) > Alabama Newspapers and Obituaries (1,901) > Sumter County Newspapers and Obituaries (35)

Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the county level. Statewide collections are found on the Alabama Newspapers and Obituaries page.

Cuba Newspapers and Obituaries

Cuba Advertiser. (Cuba, Ala.) 1909-1910s Alabama Newspaper Project

Cuba Banner. (Cuba Station, Ala.) 1895-1897 Alabama Newspaper Project

Epes Newspapers and Obituaries

Sumter County Call. (Epes, Ala.) 1905-1910s Multiple Archives

Sumter Enterprise. (Epes, Ala.) 1907-1910s Multiple Archives

The Sumter Enterprise 1907-1911

Gainesville Newspapers and Obituaries

Alabama Reporter. (Gainesville, Ala.) 1837-1830s Multiple Archives

Gainesville Messenger. (Gainesville, Ala.) 1886-1889 Alabama Newspaper Project

Gainesville Reporter. (Gainesville, Ala.) 1880-1880s Alabama Newspaper Project

Gainesville Times. (Gainesville, Ala.) 1909-1910 Multiple Archives

Independent. (Gainesville, Ala.) 1854-1860s Multiple Archives

News. (Gainesville, Ala.) 1868-1870s Multiple Archives

Republican Pilot. (Gainesville, Ala.) 1840-1840s Multiple Archives

The Gainesville Times 1909-1910

The Independent 1854-1865

Livingston Newspapers and Obituaries

Home-Record. (Livingston, Ala.) 1960s-Current Multiple Archives

Livingston Journal. (Livingston, Ala.) 1860s-1890s Multiple Archives

Our Southern Home 1895-1923

Our Southern Home. (Livingston, Ala.) 1895-1961 Multiple Archives

Sumter County Sun. (Livingston, Ala.) 1889-1913 Multiple Archives

Sumter County Whig 1843-1856

Sumter County Whig. (Livingston, Ala.) 1841-1856 Multiple Archives

Sumter Democrat. (Livingston, Ala.) 1851-1840s Multiple Archives

The Livingston Journal 1865-1895

The Sumter County Sun 1889-1913

The Sumter Democrat 1851-1853

Voice of Sumter 1836-1840

Voice of Sumter. (Livingston, Ala.) 1836-1840s Multiple Archives

Weekly Messenger. (Livingston, Ala.) 1856-1840s Alabama Department of Archives and Historical Library

York Newspapers and Obituaries

Sumter County Journal 1922-1925

Sumter Record. (York Station, Ala.) 1890s-1890s Alabama Newspaper Project

York Herald. (York, Ala.) 1910-1910s Alabama Newspaper Project

York News. (York Station, Ala.) 1880s-1890s Alabama Newspaper Project

York Press. (York, Ala.) 1917-1918 Alabama Newspaper Project

York Times. (York Station, Ala.) 1890-1890s Alabama Newspaper Project

York Weekly Press. (York, Ala.) 1913-1917 Alabama Newspaper Project