Tuskegee Genealogy (in Macon County, AL)

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Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages.

Tuskegee Cemetery Records

Ashdale Cemetery Find a Grave

Greenwood Cemetery Find a Grave

Pleasant Hill Cemetery Find a Grave

Rush Cemetery Find a Grave

Shady Grove Cemetery Find a Grave

Tuskegee University Campus Cemetery Find a Grave

Tuskegee Church Records

Primitive Baptist churches in Alabama, 1822, 1834-1962 Family History Library

Tuskegee Newspapers and Obituaries

Macon Mail. (Tuskegee, Ala.) 1876-1884 Multiple Archives

Macon Republican. (Tuskegee, Ala.) 1840s-1856 Multiple Archives

Reporter. (Tuskegee, Ala.) 1890s-1890s Alabama Newspaper Project

The Confederate States 1861-1862 Newspapers.com

The Gazette 1885-1887 Newspapers.com

The Macon Mail 1876-1884 Newspapers.com

The Reporter 1892-1898 Newspapers.com

The Tuskegee Herald 1950-1958 Newspapers.com

The Tuskegee News 1866-1964 Newspapers.com

The Tuskegee Progressive Times 1971-1971 Newspapers.com

Tuskegee Herald. (Tuskegee, Ala.) 1950-1958 Multiple Archives

Tuskegee News. (Tuskegee, Ala.) 1888-1979 Multiple Archives

Tuskegee Progressive Times. (Tuskegee, Ala.) 1970s-1971 Alabama Department of Archives and Historical Library

Tuskegee Reporter. (Tuskegee, Ala.) 1892-1890s Alabama Newspaper Project

Tuskegee Republican 1849-1859 Newspapers.com

Tuskegee Times. (Tuskegee, Ala.) 1974-1976 Alabama Department of Archives and Historical Library

Tuskegee Voice. (Tuskegee, Ala.) 1976-1977 Alabama Department of Archives and Historical Library

Tuskegee Weekly News. (Tuskegee, Ala.) 1873-1888 Multiple Archives

Weekly Gazette. (Tuskegee, Ala.) 1885-1887 Multiple Archives

Tuskegee School Records

Macon Academy Lance Shield Yearbook 1975 (Tuskegee) E Yearbooks

Tuskegee High School Tuskala Yearbook 1963 (Tuskegee) E Yearbooks

Tuskegee Institute High School Tiger Yearbook 1955 (Tuskegee) E Yearbooks