1940 U.S. Federal Census of Eton, Ashley, Arkansas

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USA > Arkansas > Ashley County > 1940 Census of Eton

B Surnames C Surnames E Surnames F Surnames G Surnames L Surnames M Surnames R Surnames S Surnames V Surnames

B Surnames

BridgerEmma born about 1920
BridgerJames Rborn about 1885
BridgerWillie Tborn about 1894
BrownFlosin Maryborn about 1922

C Surnames

CasonRobbie born about 1920
ColbertDrew born about 1921
ColbertElma born about 1923
ColbertIrene born about 1899
ColbertOhessie Mayborn about 1925
ColbertPimce Eltaborn about 1926
ColbertVivian born about 1929

E Surnames

EdwardEthel born about 1888
EdwardS Eborn about 1901

F Surnames

FlanigkonOllie Mborn about 1931

G Surnames

GirtmanAlphonso born about 1917
GirtmanCameilous born about 1924
GirtmanJames Sborn about 1884
GirtmanJames Jr born about 1922
GirtmanJoice Mborn about 1939
GirtmanLeester born about 1924
GirtmanLuda born about 1890
GirtmanMaxcine born about 1919
GirtmanPreston born about 1918
GremElberta born about 1887
GremJoe Sborn about 1884
GurtmenElla Mborn about 1877
GurtmenG Gborn about 1881
GuyClara born about 1915
GuyNorman born about 1901

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L Surnames

LawsonMargarine born about 1938

M Surnames

MasonMary Marieborn about 1929
McGeeWillie Ruthborn about 1937

R Surnames

RilesJohn Pborn about 1893
RilesMable Oborn about 1899
RilesMarie born about 1916

S Surnames

SampsonClyde born about 1940
SanyersJohn Lborn about 1934
SawyerJessie Lborn about 1936

V Surnames

VemonVasti born about 1898
VemonWill born about 1876

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