1940 U.S. Federal Census of Freeman in Pope County, Pope, Arkansas

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USA > Arkansas > Pope County > 1940 Census of Freeman in Pope County

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A Surnames

AdamsCharley Eborn about 1935
AdamsChester born about 1902
AdamsEdmond Tborn about 1931
AdamsJewell born about 1907
AdamsMable Jborn about 1932
AdamsMarian Eborn about 1928
AdamsTellins Gborn about 1939
ArnoldAllai Fborn about 1915
ArnoldDeliah Jborn about 1916

B Surnames

BeareJeff Jborn about 1916
BeareMrs Lizzie born about 1892
BeareWance born about 1931
BeindorfFred born about 1867
BrooksDan born about 1859
BrooksMrs Mary born about 1857

C Surnames

CampbellAnie Mborn about 1924
CampbellClarence Eborn about 1922
CampbellHenry Sborn about 1891
CampbellLeamond Hborn about 1927
CampbellMrs Nora Eborn about 1894
CampbellSylvester Bborn about 1914
CampbellTruy Aborn about 1931
ChristianAllison born about 1936
ChristianHelary born about 1889
ChristianMrs Anna born about 1894

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D Surnames

DareElla Keysborn about 1900
DillonHoyt Dborn about 1911
DillonMrs Margraet Mborn about 1864
DillonWillim Aborn about 1859
DoreMrs Della born about 1893

E Surnames

EnglishEarl Jborn about 1927
EnglishGeorge Jborn about 1930
EnglishHicks Charles Lborn about 1923
EnglishHicks John Wborn about 1925
EnglishLouis born about 1936
EnglishMaudi Lborn about 1933
EnglishMrs Nettie born about 1895
EnglishWilliam Sborn about 1940
EnglishWillim Pborn about 1881

F Surnames

FreemanBessie born about 1907
FreemanEdger born about 1924
FreemanEster Mborn about 1928
FreemanEvaline born about 1935
FreemanFannie Mborn about 1923
FreemanGeorge born about 1933
FreemanGeorge Tborn about 1933
FreemanGeorge Wborn about 1896
FreemanGolda Fborn about 1939
FreemanHenry Fborn about 1907
FreemanHuedell born about 1930
FreemanJames Lborn about 1934
FreemanJess born about 1900
FreemanJohn Cborn about 1895
FreemanJohn C Jrborn about 1927
FreemanLeon born about 1938
FreemanLorean born about 1925
FreemanLouis born about 1901
FreemanLowell born about 1930
FreemanLoyd born about 1931
FreemanLuceal born about 1930
FreemanLuther born about 1929
FreemanMildred born about 1926
FreemanMose born about 1907
FreemanMrs Beckie born about 1868
FreemanMrs Biddie born about 1905
FreemanMrs Ella Mborn about 1906
FreemanMrs Ethel born about 1908
FreemanMrs Luella born about 1904
FreemanMrs Myrtle born about 1901
FreemanNewell born about 1934
FreemanNovella born about 1933
FreemanOdell born about 1935
FreemanPage Leroyborn about 1922
FreemanPrintiss born about 1930
FreemanVernon born about 1932
FreemanWilliam born about 1936
FreemanWilliam Ardeenborn about 1922
FreemanWillie born about 1929
FreemanWilmagene born about 1937

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G Surnames

GunterEvaline born about 1936
GunterGlen born about 1933
GunterKeneth born about 1930
GunterLeonard born about 1939
GunterLevi Bborn about 1901
GunterMrs Ruthe born about 1905
GunterOdel born about 1928

H Surnames

HankinsHazel born about 1928
HankinsMrs Elsie born about 1901
HankinsOva Cborn about 1919
HankinsPauline born about 1931
HankinsShirley born about 1921
HankinsThomas Dborn about 1939
HankinsThomas Jborn about 1896
HankinsWillie born about 1925
HarrisFloyd born about 1908
HarrisMrs Osie born about 1920
HuffGeorge Wborn about 1888
HuffMrs Elena born about 1890
HuffTray Aborn about 1923
HullAllison born about 1909
HullMary Janeborn about 1932
HullMelba Mborn about 1932
HullMelvin Mborn about 1934
HullMonroe born about 1909
HullMrs Eurleon Gborn about 1910
HullMrs Oma born about 1911

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J Surnames

JenningsBelly Jborn about 1938
JenningsLytle Jborn about 1904
JenningsMrs Marie born about 1904
JonesAndree born about 1932
JonesAnita born about 1931
JonesBillie Joeborn about 1934
JonesBud born about 1896
JonesCharles Eborn about 1927
JonesEd born about 1898
JonesErma Ruthborn about 1923
JonesHazel Marieborn about 1926
JonesHiram born about 1920
JonesMag Louiseborn about 1925
JonesMary Aborn about 1935
JonesMattie Pborn about 1939
JonesMrs Ida born about 1901
JonesMrs Minnie born about 1897
JonesRheba Aborn about 1925
JonesRuby Hborn about 1929

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K Surnames

KeysGeorge Tborn about 1925
KeysLoran Dborn about 1922

L Surnames

LeeMrs Sarah born about 1867

M Surnames

MaysHartsell born about 1913
MaysMartha Mborn about 1938
MaysMichael Lborn about 1940
MaysMrs Marin Aborn about 1917
McCuistionRobert Jborn about 1865
MerrimanLuther born about 1913
MerrimanMrs Vera born about 1917

N Surnames

NordinAlta born about 1912
NordinMrs Lela born about 1894
NordinOdis born about 1916
NordinOpal born about 1923
NordinWill Hborn about 1891
NuttClifton Cborn about 1891
NuttLeonard born about 1925
NuttMrs Mauda born about 1895
NuttVerla born about 1922

P Surnames

PayneMrs Elizabeth Aborn about 1866
PayneThomas Wborn about 1865
PaynterMrs Gertrie born about 1901
PhillipsGearld Wborn about 1937
PhillipsGenevia Lborn about 1933
PhillipsJess Aborn about 1910
PhillipsLeon Jborn about 1935
PhillipsMrs Minnie Eborn about 1917

R Surnames

RobertsConard Eborn about 1931
RobertsInez Eborn about 1927
RobertsLois Wborn about 1921
RobertsMrs Francis Lborn about 1904
RobertsMurl Fborn about 1936
RobertsOrville Aborn about 1925
RobertsWill Hborn about 1894
RobertsWillard Kborn about 1929
RobertsWilliam H Jrborn about 1934

S Surnames

SavageJames Lborn about 1931
SavageManuel Jborn about 1909
SavageMrs Ella born about 1915
SavageStandridge Albertborn about 1931
ShirleyL Aborn about 1939
ShookJohn Eborn about 1884
ShookMrs Lizzie born about 1909
ShookShook Gearldborn about 1939
ShookTilley Ugeneborn about 1928
StandridgeClarence born about 1919
StandridgeGeorge born about 1917
StandridgeGrant born about 1912
StandridgeHankin Odusborn about 1912
StandridgeInis born about 1922
StandridgeJemie Lborn about 1939
StandridgeJim born about 1873
StandridgeLeona born about 1920
StandridgeMrs Anna born about 1868
StandridgeMrs Mancy Iborn about 1867
StandridgeMrs Nancy born about 1875
StandridgeOdell born about 1935
StandridgeOla born about 1918
StandridgeOsie born about 1904
StandridgeSantford born about 1915
StandridgeVassie born about 1906

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T Surnames

TurnerFrank born about 1905
TurnerMrs Aliceca Cborn about 1922
TurnerSyvie Rborn about 1939

W Surnames

WatkinsMrs Bennie Mborn about 1916
WatkinsOllie Jborn about 1940
WatkinsWilliam born about 1913

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