1940 U.S. Federal Census of Hogan in Pope County, Pope, Arkansas

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USA > Arkansas > Pope County > 1940 Census of Hogan in Pope County

A Surnames D Surnames G Surnames K Surnames N Surnames P Surnames S Surnames T Surnames

A Surnames

AdneyColman born about 1919
AustinC Jakeborn about 1938
AustinCharlie born about 1916
AustinClesie born about 1920
AustinJohnie born about 1940

D Surnames

DollarD Nborn about 1928
DollarKatie born about 1885
DollarLonel born about 1902
DollarLorene born about 1926
DollarMaxine born about 1937
DollarVirginia Sborn about 1939
DollarWill born about 1879
DollarWinnie born about 1908

G Surnames

GoatesAnna born about 1902
GoatesAnna Jborn about 1936
GoatesLillie born about 1904
GoatesNancy born about 1874
GoatesRoy born about 1899
GoatesRoy Jr born about 1933

K Surnames

KrausLula born about 1890
KrausVela born about 1923
KrausWalter born about 1888
KunzeF Richardborn about 1865

N Surnames

NewtonFern born about 1924
NewtonMinie born about 1880
NewtonPaul born about 1918
NewtonRaymon born about 1921
NicolesFay born about 1927

P Surnames

PartainAnna Sborn about 1938
PartainBetty born about 1912
PartainBillie Rborn about 1940
PartainIsiac born about 1876
PartainJohn Aborn about 1872
PartainJulus born about 1907
PartainMartha born about 1874
PartainSylvia born about 1891
PettyBell born about 1876
PettyRobert Lborn about 1884
ProctorHenry born about 1913
ProctorJohn Wborn about 1936
ProctorJohnie born about 1918
ProctorNancy born about 1873

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S Surnames

SherardEd born about 1882
SherardJunior born about 1929
SherardLorene born about 1925
SherardMannie born about 1905
ShermanBerl born about 1915
ShermanBerl Jr born about 1932
ShermanEster Mborn about 1934
ShermanFloie Nborn about 1940
ShermanGeorge born about 1911
ShermanHettie Mborn about 1917
ShermanNellie born about 1914
ShermanT Oscoborn about 1876
ShermanVirginia born about 1935

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T Surnames

TredwellCorene born about 1927
TredwellDane Sborn about 1898
TredwellEllie born about 1897
TredwellElsie born about 1922
TredwellIva born about 1922
TredwellOtho born about 1920

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