1940 U.S. Federal Census of Rickland, Monroe, Arkansas

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USA > Arkansas > Monroe County > 1940 Census of Rickland

B Surnames H Surnames K Surnames L Surnames R Surnames W Surnames

B Surnames

BanzRuby Jeanborn about 1938
BarkerSarah born about 1932
BoydCharry born about 1900
BoydHenry born about 1895
BrownDavid born about 1919
BrownFannie born about 1876
BrownThomas born about 1914

H Surnames

HaleAche born about 1881
HaleEugene born about 1875
HartAlberta born about 1897
HartAlberta born about 1922
HartCary born about 1924
HartDoris born about 1926
HartEmery born about 1919
HartJames Edwardborn about 1933
HartMagie Leeborn about 1928
HartRuth Fayborn about 1931
HartWilliam born about 1920

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K Surnames

KempFleety born about 1926
KempJasie born about 1905
KempLeola born about 1938
KempLeon born about 1935
KempLouise born about 1923
KempTennie born about 1905
KempWellola born about 1930

L Surnames

LawhanLou Whalianborn about 1933
LawhanSuetha born about 1920
LawhanThenbar born about 1928
LawhanVanice born about 1925
LawhanVerell Jr born about 1923
LawhanWilbert Deanborn about 1930

R Surnames

RobinsonC Dborn about 1911
RobinsonEarl born about 1894
RobinsonElsta born about 1902
RobinsonEssie Mayborn about 1921
RobinsonLady Bborn about 1899

W Surnames

WaldonJohn born about 1921
WaldronGussie born about 1923
WaldronVernunta born about 1924
WilliamsEurese born about 1891

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