Benton Genealogy (in Saline County, AR)

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Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages.

Benton Cemetery Records

Graham Cemetery Find a Grave

Gravel Hill Cemetery Find a Grave

Hicks Cemetery Find a Grave

Lee Cemetery Find a Grave

Mars Hill Cemetery Find a Grave

McPherson Cemetery Find a Grave

New Friendship Cemetery Find a Grave

Social Hill Cemetery Find a Grave

Summit Cemetery Find a Grave

Benton Church Records

A cloud of witnesses : a history of Salem Camp Meeting and Salem United Methodist Church Arkansas History Commission

Benton Death Records

Ashby Funeral Home records : a personal account record of J.W. Ashby, founder of Ashby Funeral Home, Benton, Arkansas Family History Library

Ashby Funeral Home, 1929-1941 Mid-Continent Public Library

Saline Courier 5/8/2008 - Current Genealogy Bank

Benton Newspapers and Obituaries

Benton Courier. (Benton, Ark.) 1971-2011 Arkansas History Commission

Benton Courier. (Benton, Saline County, Ark.) 1910s-1970 Multiple Archives

Benton Daily Courier. (Benton, Ark.) 1970-1971 Arkansas Hist Commission

Benton Democrat. (Benton, Saline County, Ark.) 1899-1914 University of Arkansas

Benton New Era. (Benton, Saline County, Ark.) 1914-1920s Arkansas Hist Commission

Fellowhelper. (Benton, Ark.) 1982-Current University of Arkansas

Obituaries : the Benton courier, August 6, 1999 to December 30, 2000 Ouachita Baptist University

Pacesetter. (Benton, Ark.) 1970s-1974 Arkansas Hist Commission

Saline County Digest. (Benton, Saline Co., Ark.) 1877-1882 Multiple Archives

Saline County News. (Benton, Ark.) 1955-1972 Arkansas History Commission

Saline County Pacesetter. (Benton, Ark.) 1973-1970s Arkansas Hist Commission

Saline Courier 5/8/2008 - Current Genealogy Bank

Saline Courier. (Benton, Ark.) 1882-1897 University of Arkansas

Benton School Records

A history of Benton public schools Family History Library

Benton, AR High School 1965 Graduating Class Old Yearbooks

Benton, AR High School 1967 Yearbook Senior Photos Old Yearbooks

Benton, AR High School Class of 1967 Website Old Yearbooks

U.S. School Yearbooks Index (includes Harmony Grove School 1988) Ancestry