Searcy Genealogy (in White County, AR)

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Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages.

Searcy Cemetery Records

Center Hill Baptist Cemetery Billion Graves

Fosters Chapel Cemetery Find a Grave

Honey Hill Cemetery Find a Grave

Oak Grove Cemetery, Searcy, Arkansas Family History Library

Oaklawn Cemetery Find a Grave

Smyrna Cemetery Find a Grave

Weir Cemetery Find a Grave

Searcy Death Records

Daily Citizen 8/26/2003 - Current Genealogy Bank

Searcy Histories and Genealogies

Searcy, Arkansas : a frontier town grows up with America Family History Library

Searcy Newspapers and Obituaries

Arkansas Beacon. (Searcy, Ark.) 1878-1905 Multiple Archives

Arkansas Economist. (Searcy, Ark.) 1880s-1890s Arkansas Hist Commission

Daily Citizen 8/26/2003 - Current Genealogy Bank

Daily Citizen. (Searcy, Ark.) 1890-1949 Multiple Archives

Daily Citizen. (Searcy, Ark.) 1981-Current Arkansas History Commission

Reporter. (Searcy, Ar) 1990-Current Arkansas Hist Commission

Searcy Daily Citizen. (Searcy, Ark.) 1949-1981 Arkansas History Commission

Searcy Eagle. (Searcy, Ark.) 1857-1860s Multiple Archives

Searcy News. (Searcy, Ark.) 1908-1929 Arkansas History Commission

Searcy Semi-Weekly Star. (Searcy, Ark.) 1929-1930 Arkansas Hist Commission

Western Baptist. (Searcy, Ark.) 1873-1870s Multiple Archives

White County Citizen. (Searcy, Ark.) 1889-1953 Multiple Archives

White County Record. (Searcy, Ark.) 1870s-1884 Multiple Archives

White County Weekly Record. (Searcy, Ark.) 1866-1870s Arkansas Hist Commission

Searcy School Records

Harding College - Petit Jean Yearbook (Searcy, AR) 1938 E Yearbooks

Harding College - Petit Jean Yearbook (Searcy, AR) 1954 E Yearbooks

Searcy, AR Galloway Women's College 1928 Seniors, Juniors & Sophomores Old Yearbooks

U.S. School Yearbooks Index (includes Harding College 1938) Ancestry