1940 U.S. Federal Census of Fairmont, Gila, Arizona

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USA > Arizona > Gila County > 1940 Census of Fairmont

B Surnames L Surnames M Surnames N Surnames P Surnames R Surnames S Surnames

B Surnames

BryantElton Eborn about 1933
BryantElton Lborn about 1909
BryantJoan Kayborn about 1936
BryantMyrtle born about 1892
BryantPearl Jborn about 1909
BryantSteve born about 1888
BurnsAndrew born about 1902
BurnsBarbara born about 1930
BurnsGeorgia born about 1932
BurnsPauline born about 1906

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L Surnames

LambJosephine born about 1874

M Surnames

McNeiceAlma Sborn about 1900
McNeiceEddie Cborn about 1884

N Surnames

NorcrossAnna Eborn about 1888
NorcrossEmery Jborn about 1908
NorcrossHarry Cborn about 1916
NorcrossJoan Of Arcborn about 1919
NorcrossJustice Bborn about 1872
NorcrossWarren Hborn about 1912
NuttallAlma born about 1915
NuttallJoseph Hborn about 1913

P Surnames

PallockFrank born about 1920
PettitClint born about 1925
PettitFranico born about 1922
PettitIva born about 1903
PettitLoney born about 1920
PettitMarion born about 1929
PettitRichard born about 1931
PettitThomas Aborn about 1897
PinsonGrace Hborn about 1884

R Surnames

ReidJohn Cborn about 1891

S Surnames

SalineGlenn born about 1915
SalineJanice born about 1939
SalinePearl born about 1921
StephinsBilly born about 1938
StephinsM Cborn about 1937
StephinsViola born about 1918

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