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Overview of Arizona records

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Birth Records (136)
Cemetery Records (1,693)
Census Records (395)
Church Records (228)
City Directories (369)
Court Records (39)
Death Records (236)
Histories and Genealogies (159)
Immigration Records (73)
Land Records (154)
Map Records (333)
Marriage Records (171)
Military Records (216)
Minority Records (34)
Miscellaneous Records (148)
Newspapers and Obituaries (1,835)
Probate Records (72)
School Records (1,032)
Tax Records (16)

By County

Apache County (313)
Cochise County (750)
Coconino County (311)
Gila County (274)
Graham County (287)
Greenlee County (199)
La Paz County (90)
Maricopa County (1,637)
Mohave County (312)
Navajo County (353)
Pima County (770)
Pinal County (449)
Santa Cruz County (216)
Yavapai County (606)
Yuma County (236)

By City

Ajo (in Pima County) (55)
Alpine (in Apache County) (35)
Amado (in Santa Cruz County) (30)
Apache Junction (in Pinal County) (60)
Arivaca (in Pima County) (43)
Arizola (in Pinal County) (31)
Arizona City (in Pinal County) (34)
Ash Fork (in Yavapai County) (43)
Avondale (in Maricopa County) (49)
Bagdad (in Yavapai County) (42)
Benson (in Cochise County) (83)
Bisbee (in Cochise County) (143)
Black Canyon (in Yavapai County) (47)
Bouse (in La Paz County) (15)
Bowie (in Cochise County) (50)
Bryce (in Graham County) (33)
Buckeye (in Maricopa County) (57)
Bullhead City (in Mohave County) (44)
Camp Verde (in Yavapai County) (61)
Carefree (in Maricopa County) (41)
Casa Grande (in Pinal County) (87)
Cave Creek (in Maricopa County) (45)
Chandler (in Maricopa County) (78)
Chinle (in Apache County) (35)
Chino Valley (in Yavapai County) (44)
Chloride (in Mohave County) (38)
Cibecue (in Navajo County) (31)
Clarkdale (in Yavapai County) (50)
Clay Springs (in Navajo County) (29)
Clifton (in Greenlee County) (78)
Concho (in Apache County) (34)
Congress (in Yavapai County) (49)
Coolidge (in Pinal County) (49)
Cottonwood (in Yavapai County) (59)
Dewey-Humboldt (in Yavapai County) (42)
Douglas (in Cochise County) (121)
Duncan (in Greenlee County) (49)
Eagar (in Apache County) (38)
Eden (in Graham County) (38)
El Mirage (in Maricopa County) (39)
Elfrida (in Cochise County) (45)
Eloy (in Pinal County) (51)
Flagstaff (in Coconino County) (178)
Florence (in Pinal County) (82)
Fort Defiance (in Apache County) (41)
Fort Huachuca (in Cochise County) (60)
Fort Thomas (in Graham County) (36)
Fort Whipple (in Yavapai County) (41)
Fountain Hills (in Maricopa County) (47)
Fredonia (in Coconino County) (33)
Ganado (in Apache County) (38)
Gila Bend (in Maricopa County) (43)
Gila River (in Pinal County) (33)
Gilbert (in Maricopa County) (63)
Glendale (in Maricopa County) (105)
Globe (in Gila County) (103)
Globe City (in Pinal County) (38)
Goodyear (in Maricopa County) (39)
Grand Canyon (in Coconino County) (28)
Green Valley (in Pima County) (54)
Heber (in Navajo County) (31)
Holbrook (in Navajo County) (75)
Jerome (in Yavapai County) (55)
Joseph City (in Navajo County) (44)
Kayenta (in Navajo County) (30)
Kearny (in Pinal County) (43)
Kingman (in Mohave County) (88)
Lake Havasu City (in Mohave County) (54)
Lakeside (in Navajo County) (39)
Laveen (in Maricopa County) (42)
Litchfield Park (in Maricopa County) (43)
Littlefield (in Mohave County) (38)
Mammoth (in Pinal County) (36)
Marana (in Pima County) (46)
Maricopa (in Pinal County) (37)
Mayer (in Yavapai County) (49)
McNary (in Apache County) (37)
Mesa (in Maricopa County) (175)
Miami (in Gila County) (52)
Mineral Park (in Mohave County) (40)
Mohave Valley (in Mohave County) (39)
Morenci (in Greenlee County) (37)
Naco (in Cochise County) (43)
Nogales (in Santa Cruz County) (98)
Nutrioso (in Apache County) (36)
Oatman (in Mohave County) (42)
Page (in Coconino County) (42)
Paradise (in Cochise County) (41)
Paradise Valley (in Maricopa County) (50)
Parker (in La Paz County) (35)
Patagonia (in Santa Cruz County) (38)
Payson (in Gila County) (60)
Peach Springs (in Mohave County) (44)
Pearce (in Cochise County) (39)
Peoria (in Maricopa County) (55)
Phoenix (in Maricopa County) (725)
Pima (in Graham County) (46)
Pine (in Gila County) (32)
Pinedale (in Navajo County) (29)
Pinetop-Lakeside (in Navajo County) (32)
Pirtleville (in Cochise County) (39)
Poston (in La Paz County) (21)
Prescott (in Yavapai County) (224)
Prescott Valley (in Yavapai County) (47)
Quartzsite (in La Paz County) (21)
Queen Creek (in Maricopa County) (40)
Ray (in Pinal County) (34)
Sacaton (in Pinal County) (37)
Safford (in Graham County) (90)
Sahuarita (in Pima County) (45)
Saint David (in Cochise County) (39)
Saint Johns (in Apache County) (91)
Salome (in La Paz County) (17)
San Carlos (in Gila County) (38)
San Manuel (in Pinal County) (36)
San Simon (in Cochise County) (44)
Sanders (in Apache County) (34)
Scottsdale (in Maricopa County) (117)
Sedona (in Yavapai County) (69)
Seligman (in Yavapai County) (41)
Sells (in Pima County) (53)
Shonto (in Navajo County) (29)
Show Low (in Navajo County) (43)
Sierra Vista (in Cochise County) (72)
Snowflake (in Navajo County) (44)
Solomon (in Graham County) (39)
Somerton (in Yuma County) (41)
Sonoita (in Santa Cruz County) (30)
Springerville (in Apache County) (49)
Sun City (in Maricopa County) (83)
Supai (in Coconino County) (28)
Superior (in Pinal County) (45)
Surprise (in Maricopa County) (39)
Taylor (in Navajo County) (30)
Tempe (in Maricopa County) (133)
Thatcher (in Graham County) (53)
Tolleson (in Maricopa County) (39)
Tombstone (in Cochise County) (140)
Tuba City (in Coconino County) (30)
Tubac (in Santa Cruz County) (40)
Tucson (in Pima County) (565)
Tumacacori (in Santa Cruz County) (31)
Vail (in Pima County) (42)
Wellton (in Yuma County) (37)
Whiteriver (in Navajo County) (34)
Wickenburg (in Maricopa County) (81)
Willcox (in Cochise County) (63)
Williams (in Coconino County) (53)
Window Rock (in Apache County) (55)
Winkelman (in Gila County) (34)
Winslow (in Navajo County) (69)
Woodruff (in Navajo County) (32)
Young (in Gila County) (37)
Youngtown (in Maricopa County) (38)
Yuma (in Yuma County) (147)

Overview of Arizona Genealogy Records

  • History: Arizona was first settled in 1821 as part of Mexico. It became part of the United States in 1854 and became part of New Mexico Territory. It became Arizona Territory in 1863 and became a state in 1912.
  • Birth records: A few birth records were kept by the government starting in 1855. State registration began in 1909 with complete records being kept by 1926. Birth records from 1909 to the present can be obtained from the Arizona Department of Health Services.
  • Marriage records: Marriage records were kept by the government starting in 1864 by county recorders. Marriages were recorded by clerks of the probate court from 1891 to 1912. Copies of marriage records can be obtained from the Clerk of the Superior Court in the individual counties.
  • Death records: A few death records were kept by the government starting in 1855. Statewide registration began in 1909 with complete records being kept by 1926. Death records from 1909 to the present can be obtained from the Arizona Department of Health Services.
  • Divorce records: Divorce records are kept by the clerk of the superior courts in each county.
  • Census records: The first federal census available for Arizona is 1860. There are federal censuses publicly available for 1860 (listed with New Mexico), 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930, 1940, and 1950. There were partial territorial censuses taken in 1864, 1866, 1867, and 1869.
  • County records: Court, land, probate, naturalization, and tax records were kept by the individual counties.
  • Other records: Many cities and towns kept newspapers, churches kept records, and there are records of cemeteries, histories, schools, city directories, and other records that can be located by using the city pages on this site. Records specific to minority groups can be found in the Minority Records section.
  • All records: Use the links on this site to locate the online indexes and images of many of the above records.
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