1940 U.S. Federal Census of Harold, Santa Cruz, Arizona

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USA > Arizona > Santa Cruz County > 1940 Census of Harold

B Surnames C Surnames G Surnames K Surnames L Surnames M Surnames N Surnames R Surnames S Surnames V Surnames W Surnames Z Surnames

B Surnames

BachelierAlberto born about 1922
BachelierAlfonso born about 1884
BachelierAlicia born about 1921
BachelierEdward born about 1919
BachelierGarton born about 1923
BachelierGilberto born about 1928
BachelierGregoria Gborn about 1908
BachelierJosefina born about 1930
BachelierMarcelo born about 1908
BachelierMary born about 1915
BlancartYolanda born about 1938
BurnettR Lborn about 1881

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C Surnames

CarrilloAmanda born about 1912
CarrilloElvira born about 1906
CarrilloImenda born about 1913
CarrilloLuis born about 1871
CarrilloMatilde Sborn about 1872

G Surnames

GaiciaFrancisco born about 1922

K Surnames

KonlerEmma born about 1917

L Surnames

LopezAurelia born about 1920

M Surnames

McMahonCarmen Lborn about 1875

N Surnames

NicholsCris Cborn about 1877

R Surnames

RoblesRosario born about 1861
RogerAmalla Tborn about 1910
RogerEben Gborn about 1868

S Surnames

SaldateCatalina born about 1878
SerinerMatilde born about 1927

V Surnames

VelascoCarlos Mborn about 1923
VelascoJose Fborn about 1896
VelascoJulia Mborn about 1898
VelascoRoholfom born about 1922
VelascoRosa Gborn about 1930

W Surnames

WalkerLucile Lborn about 1862
WalkerW Hborn about 1859

Z Surnames

ZieglerAnita Rborn about 1926
ZieglerFlora Rborn about 1920
ZieglerHelen Rborn about 1925
ZieglerLuisa Rborn about 1901
ZieglerO Mborn about 1882
ZieglerRoberto Rborn about 1924

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