1940 U.S. Federal Census of Marondo, Pima, Arizona

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USA > Arizona > Pima County > 1940 Census of Marondo

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C Surnames

CameronAlice born about 1921
CameronBilly born about 1929
CameronCharles born about 1919
CameronGeorge born about 1927
CameronJefferson born about 1936
CameronRobert born about 1924

D Surnames

DickeyWallace born about 1892

E Surnames

EnosAlene born about 1922
EnosAlice born about 1932
EnosJose born about 1917

F Surnames

FernandoCarlotta born about 1918
FernandoJose born about 1918
FittsAlton Aborn about 1934
FittsCrawford Dborn about 1935
FittsDaniel born about 1910
FittsThelma Iborn about 1913
FittsWillie Rborn about 1938

G Surnames

GranilloMargrita born about 1902

H Surnames

HartwellAlbert Oborn about 1897
HartwellAlbert Oborn about 1924
HartwellCarrie Bborn about 1897
HartwellClaudie Rborn about 1933
HartwellJimmie Dborn about 1931
HartwellMarylee born about 1935
HartwellWilliam Qborn about 1921

J Surnames

JohnsonJesse Jborn about 1913

K Surnames

KinkeadAlvaro Lborn about 1910
KinkeadDorothy born about 1921

L Surnames

LouisManul born about 1908
LunaElvello born about 1933
LunaEsbelancia born about 1915
LunaJose born about 1939
LunaJose Jborn about 1913
LunaMelalo born about 1935

M Surnames

ManualJosa born about 1875
ManualLola born about 1890
MarguetaAveleo born about 1933
MarguetaHilman born about 1934
MarguetaJuan born about 1880
MarguetaManuel born about 1927
MarguetaRomana born about 1880
MertzJohn Jborn about 1883

O Surnames

OroscoJose born about
OroscoJose born about 1906
OroscoJustine born about 1934
OroscoMaria born about 1912
OroscoMaria born about 1930
OroscoRosorio born about 1906
OroscoThomas born about 1910

S Surnames

SniderGeorge Hborn about 1871
SniderHenry Hborn about 1896
SniderMadge Eborn about 1898
SniderMary Vborn about 1919
SniderWilliam Hborn about 1923
StoneAlbert Hborn about 1911
StoneAlbert Hborn about 1935
StoneEugene born about 1919
StoneGeneva born about 1924
StoneJames Gborn about 1933
StoneLydia born about 1911
SwisherOral Dborn about 1911

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T Surnames

TuckerGeorge Mborn about 1934
TuckerJohn Lborn about 1891
TuckerJohn Lborn about 1925
TuckerLucy Bborn about 1891

V Surnames

VanzuleaClemit born about 1913
VanzuleaLeon born about
VanzuleaNellie born about 1915
VasillMugul born about 1905
VelascoCleminte born about 1900
VelascoCleminte born about 1937
VelascoRosita born about 1920
VelascoStevenn born about 1939

W Surnames

WallsDavid Aborn about 1926
WallsHenry Vborn about 1890
WallsHermese born about 1927
WallsMaudie born about 1896
WallsRichard born about 1920
WorshamGus Rborn about 1926
WorshamJohn Jborn about 1887

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