Arizona Minority Records

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Statewide Minority Records

Census records, 1909-1940 (Bureau of Indian Affairs, Pima Agency) Family History Library

Germans to America Passenger Data File

Hopi and Navajo Native American census 1932 : with birth and death rolls, 1925-1931 Family History Library

Indian Census Rolls, 1885-1940 Fold3

Irish to America Passenger Data File

Italians Immigrating to the United States MyHeritage

Italians to America Passenger Data File

Japanese-American Internee Records

Russians Immigrating to the United States MyHeritage

The Chiricahua Apache, 1846-1876 : from war to reservation Family History Library

U.S., Jewish Welfare Board, War Correspondence, 1917-1954 Ancestry

U.S.: Jewish Names in Selected State Department Files, 1910-1929 Ancestry

United States Japanese Americans Relocated During World War II, 1942-1946 Family Search

United States, Native American, Census Rolls, 1885-1940 Family Search

Minority Records by County

Cochise County Minority Records

Maricopa County Minority Records

Navajo County Minority Records

Pima County Minority Records

Yuma County Minority Records

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