Arizona School Records

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County Specific School Records

Statewide School Records

1890-1979 U.S. Yearbooks MyHeritage online

1890-1979 U.S. Yearbooks Name Index MyHeritage online

Alumni Lists by DistantCousin Genealogy MyHeritage online

Arizona educational directory, 1925-26 Internet Archive online

High School Yearbooks online

Little Cowpuncher, Rural School Newspaper of Southern Arizona, 1934-1943 University of Arizona online

School Yearbooks in the U.S. Ancestry online

School records, 1903-1938, 1950-1951, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Pima Agency FamilySearch Library

U.S., College Student Lists, 1763-1924 Ancestry online

U.S., High School Student Lists, 1821-1923 Ancestry online

U.S., School Catalogs, 1765-1935 Ancestry online

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