Alameda County CA Newspapers and Obituaries

USA (1,373,456) > California (35,501) > Alameda County (1,844) > Alameda County Newspapers and Obituaries (295)

USA (1,373,456) > California (35,501) > California Newspapers and Obituaries (6,573) > Alameda County Newspapers and Obituaries (295)

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Alameda County Newspapers and Obituaries Marriage Index, 1800s-1999 Ancestry online Obituary Index, 1800s-current Ancestry online

Star-News 1956-77 (Pasadena, California) Ancestry online

Alameda Newspapers and Obituaries

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Alameda Argus 1877-1881 online

Alameda Argus 1885-1885 online

Alameda Daily Argus 1892-1912 online

Alameda Daily Encinal 1903-1905 online

Alameda Daily Evening Encinal 1892-1895 online

Alameda Daily Star 1908-1908 online

Alameda Daily Times 1908-1908 online

Alameda Encinal 08/19/1876 to 09/16/1876 Genealogy Bank online

Alameda Encinal 1871-1888 online

Alameda Journal 02/08/2002 to Current Genealogy Bank online

Alameda Post 1869-1869 online

Alameda Semi-Weekly Argus 1881-1882 online

Alameda Semi-Weekly Argus 1885-1891 online

Alameda Weekly Argus 1882-1885 online

Alameda-Bay area vital statistics (1869-1879). WorldCat

Alameda-Bay area vital statistics, taken from the newspaper 'The alameda encinal' 1869-1874. WorldCat

Daily Encinal 1897-1908 online

Daily Encinal 1905-1906 online

Encinal 1870-1871 online

Encinal of Alameda 1869-1874 online

Evening Times-Star 1909-1912 online

Evening Times-Star and Alameda Daily Argus 1912-1915 online

Semi-Weekly Alameda Encinal 1888-1890 online

Berkeley Newspapers and Obituaries

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Berkeley Daily Gazette 1899-1975 online

Berkeley Daily Gazette, 1899-1954 Newspaper Archive online

Berkeley Daily Gazette, 1911-1946 Google News Archive online

Berkeley Gazette 1895-1898 online

Berkeley Gazette 1975-1978 online

Berkeley Gazette 1981-1983 online

Berkeley Gazette, 1894-1898 Newspaper Archive online

Berkeley Sun and Letter, 1904-1905 Newspaper Archive online

Berkeley World-Gazette 1898-1899 online

Berkeleyside 10/26/2009 to Current Genealogy Bank online

Berkely Daily Gazette obituary index, 1894-1910, 1920, 1923, 1925, 1930-1942, 1951, 1955, 1959-1965, 1967, 1970-1971, 1977-1980 & 1982 Berkeley Public Library online

California, Berkeley Public Library Obituary Index, 1894-1979 Ancestry online

California, Berkeley Public Library Obituary Index, 1894-1979 online

East Bay Daily News 10/18/2006 to 03/08/2008 Genealogy Bank online

Fuego de Aztlan 03/01/1976 to 12/01/1978 Genealogy Bank online

Gazette 1894-1895 online

Grito 09/01/1967 to 06/01/1974 Genealogy Bank online

La Prensa 1970 Historic Mexican and Mexican American Press online

North East Bay Independent and Gazette 1978-1981 online

Sun and Letter 1904-1905 online

Fremont Newspapers and Obituaries

Hayward Newspapers and Obituaries

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Daily Review 09/15/2001 to Current Genealogy Bank online

Daily Review 1895-1979 online

Daily Review 1947-77 (Hayward, California) Ancestry online

Daily Review, 1947-1977 Newspaper Archive online

Hayward Alameda Southern County News, 1938-1938 Newspaper Archive online

Hayward Daily Hayward Review, 1937-1949 Newspaper Archive online

Hayward Daily Review, 1931-1948 Newspaper Archive online

Hayward Review 1925-30 (Hayward, California) Ancestry online

Hayward Review, 1895-1947 Newspaper Archive online

Hayward Semi Weekly Review, 1934-1934 Newspaper Archive online

Hayward Semi-Weekly Review 1926-1928 online

Hayward Southern Alameda County News, 1938-1939 Newspaper Archive online

Hayward Sunday Review, 1960-1960 Newspaper Archive online

Hayward Twice a Week Review, 1908-1912 Newspaper Archive online

Southern Alameda County Review and Latest Shoppers, 1936-1936 Newspaper Archive online

Southern Alameda County Shoppers News, 1936-1938 Newspaper Archive online

Livermore Newspapers and Obituaries

Oakland Newspapers and Obituaries

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A California Alegre, 1936-1940 Portuguese-American Digital Newspaper Collections online

A Colonia Portuguesa, 1924-1932 Portuguese-American Digital Newspaper Collections online

A Liberdade, 1934-1937 Portuguese-American Digital Newspaper Collections online

Alambres de N.E.L. 05/21/1975 to 06/21/1977 Genealogy Bank online

Alameda Magazine 01/08/2016 to Current Genealogy Bank online

Alameda Times-Star 09/15/2001 to 04/04/2016 Genealogy Bank online

American Sentinel 01/01/1886 to 12/25/1889 Genealogy Bank online

Brooklyn Home Journal and Alameda County Advertiser 01/06/1872 to 12/07/1872 Genealogy Bank online

California, Oakland, Alameda County, Newspaper Record Collection, 1985-2011 Family Search online

East Bay Express 03/05/2003 to Current Genealogy Bank online

EdSource 03/03/2015 to Current Genealogy Bank online

Evening Termini 10/03/1870 to 04/12/1872 Genealogy Bank online

FOX - 2 KTVU: Web Edition Articles 05/02/2013 to 11/05/2014 Genealogy Bank online

Mundo 01/06/1971 to 04/02/1975 Genealogy Bank online

O Portugal da California, 1935-1937 Portuguese-American Digital Newspaper Collections online

O Portugal, 1932-1937 Portuguese-American Digital Newspaper Collections online

Oakland Daily Evening Tribune 08/25/1874 to 08/19/1876 Genealogy Bank online

Oakland Daily Evening Tribune 1874-77, 1936-37, and 1939-40 (Oakland, California) Ancestry online

Oakland Daily Evening Tribune 1875-1875 online

Oakland Daily News 01/02/1871 to 11/30/1876 Genealogy Bank online

Oakland Daily Transcript 04/01/1869 to 10/05/1876 Genealogy Bank online

Oakland Daily Transcript 1869-1877 online

Oakland Enquirer Newspaper Index, 1885-1900 FamilySearch Library

Oakland Evening Tribune 1874-75 (Oakland, California) Ancestry online

Oakland Newspaper Index, 1869-1883 FamilySearch Library

Oakland Post 02/06/2008 to Current Genealogy Bank online

Oakland Sunshine 03/20/1915 to 02/25/1922 Genealogy Bank online

Oakland Tribune (Oakland, 1876-1934) California Digital Newspaper Collection online

Oakland Tribune 09/15/2001 to Current Genealogy Bank online

Oakland Tribune 1874-2014 online

Oakland Tribune 1895-97, 1900-01, 1904-15, 1917-37, 1939-41, 1944, 1946, 1950, 1952-67, and 1969-77 (Oakland, California) Ancestry online

Oakland Tribune 1926-1978 online

Oakland Tribune 1979-1982 online

Oakland Tribune, 1874-1977 Newspaper Archive online

Oakland, 1852-1938 Ancestry online

Obituaries in the Oakland Tribune, Oakland, California, 1978-1979 FamilySearch Library

Sunday Oakland Tribune, 1966-1975 Newspaper Archive online

Tribune 1978-1979 online

Tribune 1982-1991 online

Western Outlook 11/07/1914 to 05/26/1928 Genealogy Bank online

Piedmont Newspapers and Obituaries

Pleasanton Newspapers and Obituaries

San Leandro Newspapers and Obituaries

Union City Newspapers and Obituaries

Offline Newspapers for Alameda County

According to the US Newspaper Directory, the following newspapers were printed in this county, so there may be paper or microfilm copies available. For more information on how to locate offline newspapers, see our article on Locating Offline Newspapers.

Alameda: Alameda Argus. (Alameda, Calif.) 1877-1881

Alameda: Alameda Daily Argus. (Alameda, Calif.) 1892-1912

Alameda: Alameda Daily Encinal. (Alameda, Cal.) 1903-1905

Alameda: Alameda Daily Evening Encinal. (Alameda, Calif.) 1890s-1890s

Alameda: Alameda Encinal. (Alameda, Alameda County, Calif.) 1871-1888

Alameda: Alameda Journal. (Alameda, Ca) 1987-Current

Alameda: Alameda Messenger. (Alameda, Cal) 1877-1870s

Alameda: Alameda Semi-Weekly Argus. (Alameda, Calif.) 1881-1882

Alameda: Alameda Semi-Weekly Argus. (Alameda, Calif.) 1885-1891

Alameda: Alameda Sun. (Alameda, Calif.) 1965-1967

Alameda: Alameda Times Star. (Alameda, Calif.) 1958-Current

Alameda: Alameda Times-Star. (Alameda, Calif.) 1921-1952

Alameda: Alameda Weekly Argus. (Alameda, Calif.) 1882-1885

Alameda: Daily Encinal. (Alameda, Cal.) 1890s-1903

Alameda: Daily Encinal. (Alameda, Calif.) 1905-1906

Alameda: Encinal of Alameda. (Alameda, Cal.) 1869-1870

Alameda: Encinal. (Alameda, Calif.) 1870-1871

Alameda: Evening Times-Star and Alameda Daily Argus. (Alameda, Calif.) 1912-1921

Alameda: Evening Times-Star. (Alameda, Calif.) 1909-1912

Alameda: Semi-Weekly Alameda Encinal. (Alameda, Calif.) 1888-1890s

Alameda: Times-Star. (Alameda, Calif.) 1952-1958

Albany: Times Journal. (Albany, Calif.) 1979-1980s

Berkeley: Ally. (Berkeley, Calif.) 1968-1972

Berkeley: Arlington Outlook. (Berkeley, Calif.) 1944-1968

Berkeley: Berkeley Advocate. (Berkeley, Cal.) 1877-1892

Berkeley: Berkeley Barb [Microform]. (Berkeley, Calif.) 1965-1980

Berkeley: Berkeley Barb. (Berkeley, Calif.) 1965-1980

Berkeley: Berkeley Daily Advocate. (Berkeley, Calif.) 1892-1897

Berkeley: Berkeley Daily Gazette. (Berkeley, Cal.) 1899-1975

Berkeley: Berkeley Daily Herald. ([Berkeley, Calif.]) 1894-1890s

Berkeley: Berkeley Daily Planet. (Berkeley, Ca) 1999-Current

Berkeley: Berkeley Evening World. (Berkeley, Calif) 1897-1898

Berkeley: Berkeley Gazette. (Berkeley, Cal.) 1895-1898

Berkeley: Berkeley Gazette. (Berkeley, Calif.) 1975-1978

Berkeley: Berkeley Gazette. (Berkeley, Calif.) 1981-1984

Berkeley: Berkeley Herald. (Berkeley, Calif.) 1886-1893

Berkeley: Berkeley Independent. (Berkeley [Calif.]) 1906-1913

Berkeley: Berkeley Metro Reporter. ([Berkeley, Calif.) 1972-Current

Berkeley: Berkeley Monitor. (Berkeley, Ca) 1969-1970s

Berkeley: Berkeley Times. (Berkeley, Calif.) 1910s-1921

Berkeley: Berkeley Tribe. (Berkeley, Calif.) 1969-1972

Berkeley: Berkeley Voice. (Berkeley, Ca) 1980s-Current

Berkeley: Berkeley Weekly Herald. (Berkeley, Cal.) 1893-1890s

Berkeley: Berkeley World-Gazette. (Berkeley, Cal.) 1898-1899

Berkeley: California Star, Yerba Buena and San Francisco. (Berkeley, Calif.) 1847-1848

Berkeley: California Star. (Berkeley, Calif.) 1847-1848

Berkeley: Capitalism Stinks. (Berkeley, Calif.) 1968-1969

Berkeley: Daily Californian. (Berkeley, Calif.) 1871-Current

Berkeley: Direct Action. (Berkeley, Ca) 1983-1980s

Berkeley: East Bay Voice. (Berkeley, Calif.) 1976-1979

Berkeley: Express. (Berkeley, Calif.) 1978-Current

Berkeley: Gazette. (Berkeley, Cal.) 1894-1895

Berkeley: Grassroots. (Berkeley, Ca) 1972-1986

Berkeley: North East Bay Independent and Gazette. (Berkeley, Calif.) 1978-1981

Berkeley: Oakland Post. (Berkeley, Calif.) 1963-Current

Berkeley: Pack Rat. (Berkeley, Calif.) 1969-1970s

Berkeley: Post. (Berkeley, Calif.) 1960s-1967

Berkeley: Record. (Berkeley, Calif.) 1937-1949

Berkeley: Richmond Post. (Berkeley, Calif.) 1963-Current

Berkeley: San Francisco Post. (Berkeley, Calif.) 1963-Current

Berkeley: War Bulletin. ([Berkeley, Calif.]) 1972-1973

Berkeley: Yellow Dog. (Berkeley, Calif.) 1968-1973

Brooklyn: Brooklyn Independent. (Brooklyn, Cal.) 1870-1870s

Castro Valley: Castro Valley Forum. (Castro Valley, Ca) 1989-1994

Dublin: Valley Times. (Dublin, Calif.) 1971-1978

Emeryville: India-West [Microform]. (Emeryville, Calif. [Etc.]) 1975-Current

Emeryville: India-West. (Emeryville, Calif.) 1975-Current

Fremont: Argus of Fremont, Newark and Union City. (Fremont, Calif.) 1990-Current

Fremont: Fremont News Register. (Fremont, Alameda County, Calif.) 1966-1968

Fremont: India Post. (Fremont, Ca) 1994-Current

Fruitvale: Fruitvale Shopping News. (Fruitvale, Calif.) 1930s-1939

Hayward: Daily Hayward Review. (Hayward, Calif.) 1920s-1942

Hayward: Daily Hayward Review. (Hayward, Calif.) 1948-1949

Hayward: Daily Review. (Hayward, Calif.) 1949-Current

Hayward: Hayward Daily Review. (Hayward, Calif.) 1947-1948

Hayward: Hayward Review. (Hayward, Calif.) 1942-1947

Hayward: Hayward Semi-Weekly Review. (Hayward, Calif.) 1925-1930s

Hayward: Herald. (Hayward, Ca) 1986-1990

Hayward: O Arauto. (Hayward, Alameda County, Calif.) 1896-1910s

Hayward: Southern Alameda County Review and the Latest Shopper's News. (Hayward, Calif.) 1935-1936

Hayward: Southern Alameda County Shopper's News. (Hayward, Calif.) 1936-1938

Irvington: Washington Press. (Irvington, Alameda County, Cal.) 1891-1910

Livermore: Herald & News. (Livermore, Alameda Co., Calif.) 1965-1972

Livermore: Independent. (Livermore, Calif.) 1963-Current

Livermore: Livermore Enterprise. (Livermore, Alameda Co., Cal.) 1874-1876

Livermore: Livermore Herald and News. (Livermore, Alameda Co., Calif.) 1962-1965

Livermore: Livermore Herald. (Livermore, Alameda County, Cal.) 1877-1962

Livermore: Livermore News. (Livermore, Alameda County, Calif.) 1940s-1962

Livermore: San Ramon Valley Edition Herald. (Livermore, Calif.) 1983-1986

Livermore: San Ramon Valley Herald. (Livermore, Calif.) 1981-1983

Livermore: Southern Alameda County News. (Livermore, Calif.) 1933-1940s

Livermore: Tri-Valley Herald and News. (Livermore, Calif.) 1972-1973

Livermore: Tri-Valley Herald. (Livermore, Ca) 1973-1986

Newark: Argus. (Newark, Calif.) 1960-1990

Niles: Niles Weekly Herald. (Niles, Alameda County, Cal.) 1890s-1898

Oakland: Alameda County Herald. (Oakland [Calif.]) 1859-1861

Oakland: Alameda County Union Labor Record. (Oakland, Cal.) 1918-1921

Oakland: Alameda County Union Labor Record. (Oakland, Calif.) 1925-1928

Oakland: American Sentinel. (Oakland, Calif.) 1886-1890

Oakland: Berkeley Tri-City Post. (Oakland, Calif.) 1985-Current

Oakland: Black Panther. (Oakland, Calif.) 1967-1980

Oakland: Brooklyn Home Journal and Alameda County Advertiser. (Brooklyn [Oakland] Calif.) 1871-1872

Oakland: California Voice. (Oakland, Calif.) 1920-Current

Oakland: Cambio. (Oakland, Calif.) 1984-Current

Oakland: Campanile Weekly and Alameda County Workman. (Oakland, Calif.) 1910s-1915

Oakland: Catholic Voice (Oakland, Calif.) 1963-Current

Oakland: Commemorator. (Oakland, Ca) 1991-Current

Oakland: Daily Evening Argus. (Oakland, Cal.) 1876-1870s

Oakland: Daily Record. (Oakland, Calif.) 1924-1925

Oakland: E'cos De Portugal. (Oakland, Calif.) 1930s-1935

Oakland: Eastbay Today. (Oakland, Calif.) 1979-1982

Oakland: Emeryville Herald. (Oakland, Calif.) 1920s-1928

Oakland: Emeryville Herald. (Oakland, Calif.) 1920s-1930

Oakland: Flatlands. (Oakland, Calif.) 1966-1960s

Oakland: Free Oakland Press. (Oakland, Calif.) 1940-1943

Oakland: Frontline. (Oakland, Calif.) 1983-1990

Oakland: Fruitvale East Oakland News. (Oakland [Calif.]) 1939-1940

Oakland: Fruitvale Progress. (Fruitvale [Oakland] Calif.) 1900s-1915

Oakland: Golden Gate Herald. (Oakland, Calif.) 1926-1930

Oakland: Grand Lake News and the Lakeshore Announcer. (Oakland, Calif.) 1931-1932

Oakland: Grand Lake News, Lakeshore Herald. (Oakland, Calif.) 1932-1933

Oakland: Grand Lake News. (Oakland, Calif.) 1920s-1931

Oakland: Laboreport On Central America. (Oakland, Ca) 1980s-1989

Oakland: Macarthur Metro. (Oakland, Calif.) 1989-Current

Oakland: Montclarion. (Oakland, Calif.) 1940s-Current

Oakland: Morning Times. (Oakland, Calif.) 1886-1892

Oakland: Oakland Daily Evening Tribune. (Oakland, Calif.) 1875-1891

Oakland: Oakland Daily Post. (Oakland, Calif.) 1910s-1921

Oakland: Oakland Daily Times. (Oakland, Calif.) 1878-1886

Oakland: Oakland Daily Transcript. (Oakland [Calif.]) 1868-1878

Oakland: Oakland Enquirer. (Oakland, Calif.) 1885-1921

Oakland: Oakland Evening Tribune. (Oakland, Cal.) 1874-1875

Oakland: Oakland Free Press. (Oakland, Calif.) 1910s-1920s

Oakland: Oakland Herald [Microform]. (Oakland, Calif.) 1903-1907

Oakland: Oakland Herald. (Oakland, Calif.) 1903-1907

Oakland: Oakland Morning Times. (Oakland, Calif.) 1891-1893

Oakland: Oakland Post El Mundo. (Oakland, Ca) 1994-1996

Oakland: Oakland Post Enquirer. (Oakland, Calif.) 1922-1950

Oakland: Oakland Review. (Oakland, Cal.) 1900-1916

Oakland: Oakland Times. (Oakland, Alameda County, Calif.) 1893-1913

Oakland: Oakland Tribune. (Oakland, Calif.) 1891-1978

Oakland: Oakland Tribune. (Oakland, Calif.) 1979-1982

Oakland: Oakland Tribune. (Oakland, Calif.) 1991-Current

Oakland: Oakland Weekly Times. (Oakland, Calif.) 1878-1886

Oakland: Oakland Weekly Transcript. (Oakland, Calif.) 1877-1878

Oakland: On With Roosevelt News. (Oakland, Calif.) 1936-1938

Oakland: Progress. (Oakland, Calif.) 1916-1926

Oakland: San Leandro Journal. (Oakland, Calif.) 1995-1997

Oakland: San Pablo Avenue Herald. (Oakland, Calif.) 1920s-1926

Oakland: Saturday Globe Review. (Oakland, Cal[If.) 1894-1895

Oakland: Street Spirit. ([Oakland, Calif.]) 1995-Current

Oakland: Tribune. (Oakland, Calif.) 1978-1979

Oakland: Tribune. (Oakland, Calif.) 1982-1991

Oakland: Union Labor Record. (Oakland, Calif.) 1921-1925

Oakland: Western American. (Oakland, Calif.) 1926-1929

Oakland: Worker For the Bay Area and Salinas Valley. (Oakland, Ca) 1978-1979

Oakland: Worker For the Bay Area. (Oakland, Ca) 1975-1978

Piedmont: Piedmont Ave. News. (Piedmont, Calif.) 1934-1930s

Piedmont: Piedmont Avenue News and Citizen Review-Journal. (Piedmont, Calif.) 1933-1934

Pleasanton: San Ramon Valley Herald. (Pleasanton, Ca) 1995-2000s

Pleasanton: Tri-Valley Herald. (Pleasanton, Calif.) 1990-Current

San Leandro: Alameda County Gazette. (San Leandro [Calif.]) 1856-1876

San Leandro: Cherry City Gazette. (San Leandro, Calif.) 1973-1970s

San Leandro: Morning News and Alameda County Democrat. (San Leandro, Calif.) 1962-1964

San Leandro: Morning News. (San Leandro, Calif.) 1964-1972

San Leandro: Observer. ([San Leandro, Calif.) 1982-1990s

San Leandro: San Leandro Gazette. (San Leandro, Calif.) 1985-1990s

San Leandro: San Leandro Reporter. (San Leandro, Alameda County, Calif.) 1879-1951

San Leandro: San Leandro Times. (San Leandro, Calif.) 1991-Current

San Lorenzo: San Lorenzo Journal. (San Lorenzo, Calif.) 1944-1940s

San Lorenzo: San Lorenzo Sun and San Lorenzo Journal. (San Lorenzo, Calif.) 1940s-1948

Union City: Leader. (Union City, Calif.) 1971-1972

Union City: Northern Californian. (Union, Calif.) 1858-1860

Union City: Union City Leader. (Union City, Calif.) 1960s-1971

West Berkeley: Berkeley Sun. (West Berkeley, Calif.) 1900s-1902

West Oakland: Oakland Semi-Tropical Press. (West Oakland, Cal.) 1874-1870s

West Oakland: West Oakland Press. (West Oakland [I.E. Oakland], Calif.) 1870s-1878

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