Kings County CA Newspapers and Obituaries

USA (603,054) > California (18,373) > Kings County (106) > Kings County Newspapers and Obituaries (23)

USA (603,054) > California (18,373) > California Newspapers and Obituaries (4,838) > Kings County Newspapers and Obituaries (23)

Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the county level. Statewide collections are found on the California Newspapers and Obituaries page.

Kings County Newspapers and Obituaries

United States Obituary Collection Ancestry

Avenal Newspapers and Obituaries

Avenal Progress 5/18/2005 - 12/18/2007 Genealogy Bank

Corcoran Newspapers and Obituaries

Corcoran Journal and Corcoran News. (Corcoran, Kings County, Calif.) 1940s-1990 Multiple Archives

Corcoran Journal. (Corcoran, Calif.) 1908-1940s Los Angeles County Newspapers

Corcoran Journal. (Corcoran, Calif.) 1990-Current University of California

Hanford Newspapers and Obituaries

Hanford Daily Journal. (Hanford, Kings County, Cal.) 1898-1913 Multiple Archives

Hanford Daily Sentinel the Journal. (Hanford, Kings County, Calif.) 1955-1956 Multiple Archives

Hanford Daily Sentinel. (Hanford, Kings County, Cal.) 1896-1955 Multiple Archives

Hanford Morning Journal. (Hanford, Kings County, Cal.) 1913-1955 Multiple Archives

Hanford Sentinel 5/12/2005 - Current Genealogy Bank

Hanford Sentinel the Journal. (Hanford, Kings County, Calif.) 1956-1960 Multiple Archives

Hanford Sentinel. (Hanford, Kings County, Calif.) 1960-Current Multiple Archives

Hanford Sentinel. (Hanford, Tulare County, Calif.) 1886-1893 University of California

Hanford Weekly Journal. (Hanford, Tulare County, Cal.) 1891-1892 Multiple Archives

Lemoore Newspapers and Obituaries

Aileron. (Lemoore, Calif.) 1942-1943 Multiple Archives

Casual Observer. (Lemoore Army Air Field, Lemoore, Calif.) 1944-1945 County of Los Angeles Public Library

Herald of Peace. (Lemoore, Calif.) 1927-1928 Multiple Archives

Laaf Aileron. (Lemoore Army Airfield, Lemoore, Calif.) 1943-1944 Multiple Archives

Lemoore Advance 6/11/2003 - 9/17/2009 Genealogy Bank

Lemoore Advance the Lemoore Leader. (Lemoore, Calif.) 1989-1998 University of California

Lemoore Advance. (Lemoore, Calif.) 1910s-1989 Multiple Archives

Lemoore Advance. (Lemoore, Calif.) 1998-Current University of California

Lemoore Cemetrey [sic] : Lemoore Cemetery District, 1441 North Lemoore Avenue, Lemoore, Kings County, California : names, monument inscriptions data, information and grave site locations of Lemoore area pioneers Allen County Public Library