Kings County CA Newspapers and Obituaries

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USA (618,007) > California (18,066) > California Newspapers and Obituaries (4,808) > Kings County Newspapers and Obituaries (24)

Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the county level. Statewide collections are found on the California Newspapers and Obituaries page.

Kings County Newspapers and Obituaries

U.S., Obituary Collection, 1930-2018 Ancestry

Avenal Newspapers and Obituaries

Avenal Progress 5/18/2005 - 12/18/2007 Genealogy Bank

Corcoran Newspapers and Obituaries

Corcoran Journal and Corcoran News. (Corcoran, Kings County, Calif.) 1940s-1990 Multiple Archives

Corcoran Journal. (Corcoran, Calif.) 1908-1940s Los Angeles County Newspapers

Corcoran Journal. (Corcoran, Calif.) 1990-Current University of California

Hanford Newspapers and Obituaries

Hanford Daily Journal. (Hanford, Kings County, Cal.) 1898-1913 Multiple Archives

Hanford Daily Sentinel the Journal. (Hanford, Kings County, Calif.) 1955-1956 Multiple Archives

Hanford Daily Sentinel. (Hanford, Kings County, Cal.) 1896-1955 Multiple Archives

Hanford Morning Journal. (Hanford, Kings County, Cal.) 1913-1955 Multiple Archives

Hanford Sentinel 5/12/2005 - Current Genealogy Bank

Hanford Sentinel the Journal. (Hanford, Kings County, Calif.) 1956-1960 Multiple Archives

Hanford Sentinel. (Hanford, Kings County, Calif.) 1960-Current Multiple Archives

Hanford Sentinel. (Hanford, Tulare County, Calif.) 1886-1893 University of California

Hanford Weekly Journal. (Hanford, Tulare County, Cal.) 1891-1892 Multiple Archives

The Sentinel 2018-2018

Lemoore Newspapers and Obituaries

Aileron. (Lemoore, Calif.) 1942-1943 Multiple Archives

Casual Observer. (Lemoore Army Air Field, Lemoore, Calif.) 1944-1945 County of Los Angeles Public Library

Herald of Peace. (Lemoore, Calif.) 1927-1928 Multiple Archives

Laaf Aileron. (Lemoore Army Airfield, Lemoore, Calif.) 1943-1944 Multiple Archives

Lemoore Advance 6/11/2003 - 9/17/2009 Genealogy Bank

Lemoore Advance the Lemoore Leader. (Lemoore, Calif.) 1989-1998 University of California

Lemoore Advance. (Lemoore, Calif.) 1910s-1989 Multiple Archives

Lemoore Advance. (Lemoore, Calif.) 1998-Current University of California

Lemoore Cemetrey [sic] : Lemoore Cemetery District, 1441 North Lemoore Avenue, Lemoore, Kings County, California : names, monument inscriptions data, information and grave site locations of Lemoore area pioneers Allen County Public Library