Shasta County CA Newspapers and Obituaries

USA (1,373,456) > California (35,493) > Shasta County (393) > Shasta County Newspapers and Obituaries (60)

USA (1,373,456) > California (35,493) > California Newspapers and Obituaries (6,573) > Shasta County Newspapers and Obituaries (60)

NOTE: Additional records that apply to Shasta County are also on the California Newspapers and Obituaries page.

Burney Newspapers and Obituaries

Fall River Mills Newspapers and Obituaries

Mountain Echo (Fall River Mills, 2011) California Digital Newspaper Collection online

Redding Newspapers and Obituaries

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Courier-Free Press 1906-1941 online

Daily Free Press 1895-1900 online

Free Press 04/22/1883 to 12/31/1892 Genealogy Bank online

Free Press 1893-1900 online

Free Press 1900-1906 online

Free Press Saturday Weekly 1900-1903 online

Free Press Semi-Weekly 1904-1904 online

Free Press Weekly 1903-1903 online

Free Weekly Press 1888-1893 online

Morning Searchlight 1897-1901 online

Record Searchlight 10/17/1938 to 12/31/2018 Genealogy Bank online

Record Searchlight 1975-2023 online

Redding Record 1938-1941 online

Redding Record and the Courier-Free Press 1941-1942 online

Redding Record-Searchlight and the Courier Free Press 1942-1975 online

Republican Free Press 1883-1888 online

Searchlight 11/30/1897 to 12/30/1923 Genealogy Bank online

Searchlight 1895-1898 online

Searchlight 1901-1942 online

Semi-Weekly Searchlight 1899-1921 online

Shasta Courier (Redding, 1853-1873) California Digital Newspaper Collection online

Shasta Courier 1909-1952 online

Shasta Sun 1924-1925 online

Shasta courier 03/12/1853 to 12/14/1872 Genealogy Bank online

Weekly Edition of Semi-Weekly Searchlight 1921-1922 online

Weekly Searchlight 07/15/1904 to 09/09/1913 Genealogy Bank online

Weekly Searchlight 1922-1926 online

Shasta Newspapers and Obituaries

Offline Newspapers for Shasta County

According to the US Newspaper Directory, the following newspapers were printed in this county, so there may be paper or microfilm copies available. For more information on how to locate offline newspapers, see our article on Locating Offline Newspapers.

Fall River Mills: Fall River Tidings. (Fall River Mills, Shasta Co., Cal.) 1894-1948

Fall River Mills: Intermountain News. (Fall River Mills, Calif.) 1958-Current

Fall River Mills: Logger-Tidings. (Fall River Mills, Calif.) 1948-1958

Millville: Shasta County Record. (Millville, Shasta County, Calif.) 1878-1880

Redding: Courier-Free Press. (Redding, Shasta County, Calif.) 1906-1941

Redding: Daily Free Press. (Redding, Cal.) 1890s-1900

Redding: Free Press. (Redding, Cal.) 1900-1906

Redding: Free Weekly Press. (Redding, Shasta County, Calif.) 1888-1894

Redding: Morning Searchlight. (Redding, Shasta Co., Calif.) 1897-1901

Redding: Record Searchlight. (Redding, Calif.) 1975-Current

Redding: Redding Record and the Courier-Free Press. (Redding, Shasta County, Calif.) 1941-1942

Redding: Redding Record-Searchlight and the Courier Free Press. (Redding, Calif.) 1942-1975

Redding: Redding Record. (Redding, Calif.) 1938-1941

Redding: Republican Free Press. (Redding, Shasta County, Cal.) 1883-1888

Redding: Searchlight. (Redding, Shasta Co., Calif.) 1901-1942

Redding: Shasta Courier. (Redding, Shasta County, Calif.) 1900s-1952

Redding: Shasta Dial. (Redding, Calif.) 1936-1942

Shasta: Shasta Courier. (Shasta, Calif.) 1852-1872

Shasta: Shasta Republican. (Shasta, Calif.) 1855-1859

Shasta: Weekly Shasta Courier. (Shasta, Calif.) 1872-1900s

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