Alamosa Genealogy (in Alamosa County, CO)

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Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages.

Alamosa Cemetery Records

Arriola Cemetery Interment

Gravestone inscription and cemetery records of Colorado Family History Library

Sexton's records and inscriptions from tombstones, Alamosa cemetery, Alamosa, Alamosa County, Colorado Family History Library

Alamosa Church Records

Annual genealogical reports, Form E, 1939-1948; record of members, [1883?]-1941 (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Alamosa Ward (Colorado)) Family History Library

Church records, 1911-1957 (Catholic Church. Sacred Heart (Alamosa, Colorado)) Family History Library

Alamosa City Directories

Alamosa, Colorado city directory : including a street & avenue guide, a classified business directory, an alphabetical list of names, and a reverse telephone directory Family History Library

U.S. City Directories (includes Alamosa 1911 ) Ancestry

Alamosa Histories and Genealogies

Towns of the San Luis Valley Family History Library

Alamosa Newspapers and Obituaries

Alamosa Courier the Alamosa Leader. (Alamosa, Colo.) 1917-1926 Colorado Historical Society Library

Alamosa Courier. (Alamosa, Alamosa County, Colo.) 1926-1920s Colorado Historical Society Library

Alamosa Courier. (Alamosa, Conejos County, Colo.) 1901-1917 Colorado Historical Society Library

Alamosa Daily Courier. (Alamosa, Colo.) 1936-1952 Multiple Archives

Alamosa Independent-Journal. (Alamosa, Colo.) 1885-1914 Multiple Archives

Alamosa Journal. (Alamosa, Colo.) 1884-1885 Multiple Archives

Daily Courier. (Alamosa, Colo.) 1920s-1936 Colorado Historical Society Library

Daily Courier. (Alamosa, Colo.) 1952-1955 Colorado Historical Society Library

San Luis Valley Courier, 1889-02-20 to 1890-02-12 Colorado Historic Newspapers Collection

San Luis Valley Courier. (Alamosa, Colo.) 1889-1900 Multiple Archives

Valley Courier. (Alamosa, Colo.) 1955-Current Multiple Archives

Valley Shopper. (Alamosa, Colo.) 1952-1953 Denver Public Library