il 5 Free Websites for Learning Genealogy Research

5 Free Websites for Learning Genealogy Research

Places to learn more about genealogy for all skills levels

Sometimes when you get stuck on trying to learn more about your ancestors, it greatly helps to expand your genealogy research skills. There are many ways to expand your knowledge, both free and paid. Here are 5 excellent free websites that can help.

We have more than 140 articles on doing U.S. genealogy research including information about record types, research strategies, brick wall case studies, and more. We also have an ancestor source finder to help you to identify which records may help you to find out more about your ancestors.

RootsTech Connect

RootsTech is the largest genealogy conference in the world. In recent years, the classes taught are all on the website and freely available. There are more than 1,500 sessions available on 185 topics on researching for many countries worldwide.

FamilySearch Learning Center

The FamilySearch Learning Center features more than 2,000 video classes on many topics. You can access the main learning center page. Or you can view a list of all of the available classes.


There are dozens of YouTube with excellent content about how to do genealogy research. Some of our favorites include the BYU Family History Library, Family History Fanatics, Genealogy TV, Ancestry, FamilySearch, and others. Or try doing a search for the type of research you are interested in, and there's a good chance there's something helpful on YouTube.

FamilySearch Library Research Consultations

The FamilySearch Library in Salt Lake City offers free virtual consultations with their genealogy experts. You give the information you know about your ancestor ahead of time and can speak with an expert for 20 minutes about what next steps you can take to find your ancestor. There are specialists available that can help you to do genealogy research in most any country in the world.

Need help finding more records? Try our genealogical records directory which has more than 1.3 million sources to help you more easily locate the available records.

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