Central City Genealogy (in Gilpin County, CO)

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Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages.

Central City Cemetery Records

Catholic Cemetery Find a Grave

Central City Cemetery Find a Grave

Gravestone inscription and cemetery records of Colorado Family History Library

Knights of Pythias Cemetery Find a Grave

Masonic Cemetery Find a Grave

Redman Lodge Cemetery Find a Grave

Rocky Mountain Number 2 Cemetery Find a Grave

Central City Histories and Genealogies

Re-built Central : a glance at its past and present, with some predictions of its future, based upon the past Family History Library

Central City Miscellaneous Records

Advices received of money orders drawn upon the post office at Mountain City, Territory of Colorado, February 19, 1866 to September 29, 1874 Family History Library

Register of domestic and British international money orders issued at the post office at Central City, Colorado Family History Library

Central City Newspapers and Obituaries

Central City Tommy-Knawker. (Central City, Gilpin County, Colo.) 1953-1968 Multiple Archives

Central City Weekly Register. (Central City, Colo.) 1875-1878 Multiple Archives

Coach. (Central City, Colo.) 1872-1873 Multiple Archives

Daily Central City Register. (Central City, Colo.) 1868-1877 Multiple Archives

Daily Miners' Register. (Central City, Colo.) 1863-1868 Multiple Archives

Daily Register Call , 1868-03-10 to 1871-12-31 Colorado Historic Newspapers Collection

Daily Register-Call. (Central City, Colo.) 1878-1890 Multiple Archives

Daily Register. (Central City, Colo.) 1877-1878 Multiple Archives

Evening Call - Daily Reigster, 1878-02-16 to 1878-06-13 Colorado Historic Newspapers Collection

Front Range Journal. (Idaho Springs and Central City, Colo.) 1968-1980s Multiple Archives

Gilpin County Observer. (Central City, Colo.) 1887-1897 Multiple Archives

Gilpin Observer. (Central City, Colo.) 1897-1921 Multiple Archives

Little Kingdom Come. (Central City, Colo.) 1970-Current Multiple Archives

Rocky Mountain Sunday School Casket, 1864-01-01 to 1868-10-01 Colorado Historic Newspapers Collection

Tri-Weekly Miner's Gazette. (Central City, Colo.) 1862-1863 University of Texas at Arlington

Tri-Weekly Miner's Register. (Central City, Colo.) 1862-1863 Multiple Archives

Weekly Central City Register. (Central City, Colo.) 1868-1875 Multiple Archives

Weekly Colorado Herald. (Central City, Colo.) 1868-1875 Multiple Archives

Weekly Miners' Register. (Central City, Colo. Terr. [Colo.]) 1863-1868 Multiple Archives

Weekly Register-Call. (Central City, Colo.) 1878-Current Multiple Archives

Central City School Records

Index to Gilpin County schools, census lists; district 1, Central City, Colorado Family History Library