Central City Genealogy (in Gilpin County, CO)

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Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages.

Central City Cemetery Records

Catholic Cemetery Find a Grave

Central City Cemetery Find a Grave

Gravestone inscription and cemetery records of Colorado Family History Library

Knights of Pythias Cemetery Find a Grave

Masonic Cemetery Find a Grave

Redman Lodge Cemetery Find a Grave

Rocky Mountain Number 2 Cemetery Find a Grave

Central City Newspapers and Obituaries

Central City Tommy-Knawker. (Central City, Gilpin County, Colo.) 1953-1968 Multiple Archives

Central City Weekly Register. (Central City, Colo.) 1875-1878 Multiple Archives

Coach. (Central City, Colo.) 1872-1873 Multiple Archives

Daily Central City Register. (Central City, Colo.) 1868-1877 Multiple Archives

Daily Miners' Register. (Central City, Colo.) 1863-1868 Multiple Archives

Daily Register Call , 1868-03-10 to 1871-12-31 Colorado Historic Newspapers Collection

Daily Register-Call. (Central City, Colo.) 1878-1890 Multiple Archives

Daily Register. (Central City, Colo.) 1877-1878 Multiple Archives

Evening Call - Daily Reigster, 1878-02-16 to 1878-06-13 Colorado Historic Newspapers Collection

Front Range Journal. (Idaho Springs and Central City, Colo.) 1968-1980s Multiple Archives

Gilpin County Observer. (Central City, Colo.) 1887-1897 Multiple Archives

Gilpin Observer. (Central City, Colo.) 1897-1921 Multiple Archives

Little Kingdom Come. (Central City, Colo.) 1970-Current Multiple Archives

Rocky Mountain Sunday School Casket, 1864-01-01 to 1868-10-01 Colorado Historic Newspapers Collection

Tri-Weekly Miner's Gazette. (Central City, Colo.) 1862-1863 University of Texas at Arlington

Tri-Weekly Miner's Register. (Central City, Colo.) 1862-1863 Multiple Archives

Weekly Central City Register. (Central City, Colo.) 1868-1875 Multiple Archives

Weekly Colorado Herald. (Central City, Colo.) 1868-1875 Multiple Archives

Weekly Miners' Register. (Central City, Colo. Terr. [Colo.]) 1863-1868 Multiple Archives

Weekly Register-Call. (Central City, Colo.) 1878-Current Multiple Archives

Central City School Records

Index to Gilpin County schools, census lists; district 1, Central City, Colorado Family History Library